Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated November 18, 2013


It's been another great week! Nothing too exciting most of the week. On saturday we had to wake up at 4 to go to the mission office. We had a special meeting with all three of the missions in Buenos Aires plus the MTC here in buenos aires. Elder Jeffery R. Holland was presiding at the meeting. Also there were the president of the area, and one of the members of the presidency of the 70.

Elder Holland began by saying "I came halfway around the world to tell you one thing. It'll take me a while to say it, and i'll use a lot of words. But that one thing is that I love you." He went on to say that we are the most prayed for group of people on this planet. Perhaps only the prophet is more prayed for than us. 

He went on to say that his work, and our work is the same. Every day, we have the responsibility of saving souls. He said that we are never ever to forget what we learned here. We can't just come out on the mission, then go on with "Real Life" He said that this is the closest thing to "Real life" we will ever experience. He said the most crushing thing in his life is to see a missionary who has walked away from all of this. 

I couldn't help but think about my companion who ran away. I hope he realizes what he walked away from. And that he will remain faithful in the gospel, and live up to the covenants that he has made. 

He told us, concerning converts, that the only thing he can promise us is that if we have even one single ounce of integrity, we will convert ourselves. 

He told us why they chose the title of the manual to be "Preach My Gospel" He expounded each word. He spent the most time on the word "My" He said this is the lords gospel. Not ours. If we want it our way we have to go somewhere else. (He then made a burger king reference) lol. I wish I had time to relate fully what he said to us. But I don't. Some other day. 

One really funny part. Elder Holland was speaking in English, and he had a translator there speking spanish. In one point elder Holland said "You need to savor every part of your mission. The good, the bad, the in's, the outs, the ups, the downs, the side to side, the back and forth......" He went on like that for a second, then realized that that was nearly impossible to translate. He stopped and looked at the translator. The translator calmy translated it the best he could, it sounded smooth, and made a lot of sense. Elder holland then grabbed the translator and kissed him on the cheek. haha. It was absolutely hilarious! It was really cool to see him speak in an environment where he could be a little bit more relaxed, and have a little more fun. 

I love this work. 

I love this gospel. 

I love this mission. 

And I love all of you.

Elder Morgan

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