Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated May 27, 2013

Last monday I was riding the Front Runner back up to Layton after going to the Salt Lake Temple. I heard from a guy on there that a guy from Elk Ridge named Cody Towse got killed in Afghanistan. I felt absolutely horrible. I wish I could do something to help his family. I knew his brother from school. And had met him a couple times. At this hard time in their lives It's really comforting to know the plan that god has for each one of us. 
We have been working a lot with our investigators, as well as finding new ones. One thing we've been focusing on is part member families, and less actives. One of the part member families we have has some trees in his backyard that we're gonna help take down. (Sounds like the past 4 years in Springville) So that will be a really good opportunity to get to know them better, and provide some really good service. I'm pretty stoked! 
One of our investigators, Susana, is going to Peru for a few weeks, and is going to get baptized as soon as she gets back. She's super excited, and I'm super excited for her!  This is gonna be so good for her! She's the one who we helped stop smoking after 42 years of the habit. She stopped in one week. Really pretty amazing! 
My companion is going home this transfer, and I just might be going to Argentina at the end of this transfer, so we're both trying our best to not get "Trunky" and keep focused. 

Love you all.
Elder Luke Morgan

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Letter Dated 05/20/2013

This week has gone pretty good! I had my first baptism!!! A sister named Maria Herrera. The reason she decided to be baptized is because she says that she was reading in the bible and it says that you need to be baptized in the name of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. And when her prest baptized her, it was just in the name of Jesus Christ. So she said that she needed to be baptized into the Mormon church. It was really really cool! The bishop was the one who baptized her. It was a really cool experience for all of us there.  Also this week we put a sister named Susana on date to be baptized. She had been smoking for 42 years. And after the missionaries taught the stop smoking program, she stopped. She's been clean for a month and one day now. She is an awesome lady, and we love her so much! She's really excited to be baptized, she's got quite a few really good friends in the church. This step will change her life forever.  On sunday we went to her graduation from the Daily Dose program. Which is a program that is taught by senior missionaries, that helps people learn English as a second language.  She was so proud and happy of that!
Friday was an interesting day. It started out with a trip to walmart to buy a tube for my bike, because I had popped it the night before. Later that evening, we were on our way home when it started pouring. While we were riding our bikes through this downpour, I go to pedal, and the whole pedal just falls off. So now we're pushing our bikes the two miles back to our house. Luckily, a man stopped and gave us a ride. We were a little more that frustrated, but it was still really fun!
I love you all, and hope taht everything is going good for all of you.
Elder Luke Morgan

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lukes letter dated 05-13-2013

Hello everyone!
This week has been a little hectic! On tuesday we found out that the other visa waiter and I would be leaving Kaysville to go somewhere else. And that the other elders in the house were also moving out and there would be sisters moving into our house. So we were up till about 4 cleaning. We went to transfers on Wednesday, and  I found out that i would be going to Layton with Elder Pratt, Elder Verges (The old AP) and Elder Blotter (the other visa waiter) We're loving it up here, and finding a ton of work. It's really awesome. The first couple days we were stuck on foot because our bikes weren't here yet. But we now have bikes, so we can get from place to place easier. We've got a good investigator pool going, but we're working really hard on finding new investigators. Saturday we had a mothers day talent show. Which made my companion a little trunky, so we left. He's going home this transfer, so we're working hard on not thinking about home or anything.  On sunday we got to go to Elder Blotter's house to Skype and have dinner. The skype wasn't working very well for me at first, but we got it all figured out. It turns out it was going slow because we had 3 of us on skype at the same time!  It was really good to talk to a lot of you back home, and see how things are going there! 
I love you all, and hope everything is going good back home! 
(sorry for the short letter, the computers here at the library limit our time)
Love you,
Elder Luke Morgan

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lukes Letter dated 05/06/2013

I hope everything is going good with everyone! With it getting into summer i hope you all are planning to do fun things! I miss you all, and all the kids!

This week has been pretty crazy! This wednesday is transfers, so everyone is excited and nervous for what is gonna happen! I'm pretty sure I'm going to stay here in Kaysville, but you never know!  My companions are the Zone Leaders, so i'll get to find out transfer info a little while before everyone else! We think that we're going to get 2 more visa waiters in our house, that'll make 8 elders living in a little townhouse! That's a ton! But whatever happens, we're gonna have some fun with the new elders!  I got to go on exchanges the other day and teach a part of sharing time in an english ward. That was pretty cool! We just got to talk about missionary work, and how awesome it is! Those little kids are really excited to go on missions!  I hope they never lose that excitement and light!! Last p day we got to go to the batting cages at Cherry Hill. That was really cool! There's  a lot of businesses up here that let missionaries in for free, It's pretty sweet! We are still working with a lot of people to help them get ready for baptism. We should have some people who will in a week or two! 
I love you all!