Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated October 28, 2013

So this week has been... Interesting. It started out like any other week. Just normal. Until wednesday

I woke up to a little surprise. I woke up to not have a companion. BAD. 

Luckily I lived with other elders so I wasn't alone. But still BAD. I didn't have a companion. We didn't know where he was. REALLY BAD. After half a million phone calls and a really really long talk with the zone leaders. The President decided that I needed to pack up all my things and my companion's things and come to the office. 

As we got looking through my companion's things we found more and more clues about where he would have gone. Somehow he woke up in the middle of the night and packed a suitcase and just left. I don't even know how he did it. 

So I packed all my stuff and went to the office. I stayed in the office for three days. I now understand the phrase bored to death. It was bad. haha. It gave me a lot of time to think though. So that was good. 

We had a bunch of new missionaries coming in, so I was able to talk to them for a little while. That helped keep me sane. 

This weekend I went out with Elder Hazlett. (My comp in SLC) and wow. This mission has changed him. A lot! I love it. He has transformed for the better. Like crazy! I want that kind of transformation in my life. 

I want to have a sacred mission. I want to become a truly converted desciple of Jesus Christ. I want to return with honor. While I was in the apartment of Elder Hazlett I met a lot of missionaries. His apartment is kinda like the hotel for the mission. All the new missionaries and the ones going home stay there. 

I met one that was going home named Elder Morgan from Tennesee. I started talking to him. He seemed like I could trust him, so I told him everything that had happened. He helped me so much. I told him I was nervous for my interview with President. He gave me a hug and said don't you dare be nervous! 

Right before I went in to talk to President today. I saw Elder Morgan and he looked me in the eyes and told me to be an example. To be strong. And to always do what god wants me to. He helped me a ton through a really hard time! 

I talked with President this morning. We talked for a while. In the end he told me that we're just gonna move on and keep working. I love that man. He's awesome! 

I got my new companion today. Elder Hernandez from Columbia. He's a boss! We're in a place called Lujan. It's way different from my last area from what I've seen so far. We're on bikes too! haha. It rocks.

I love you all! 

Have a great week!!!

Elder Morgan

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letter From Luke Dated October 21, 2013


This week has been pretty sweet. Honestly we didn't get to work too much. But it was pretty good still! 

A while back we had to go to the capital (a 3.5 hour trip consisting of two buses, a train, and a taxi kinda thing) to get my companion's toenail looked at. It was ingrown pretty bad. 

Dr. Flinders told us that it's better to wait until it gets either worse or better until we do something. Well... It got worse. So we went back and the doctor took off half of the toenail. 

Now my comp barely can walk . Not so great. So he works as hard and as long as he can. Then he has to stop and take a break. So that's pretty much been our week! My comp has the best attitude about the whole situation ever though. He's an absolute boss!

I'm running out of time on the computer. But one really really cool thing that happened last night we had a lesson with a guy who is in a family where everyone is members except him and his son. They've had missionaries passing by for like 16 years now. And he always said that it's not his time to get baptized, or some other excuse like that. 

Last night we were talking with him and he said ya know? I think it's my time. We started talking about it and set a date for him to to get baptized. Then, at the end of the lesson, we were about to leave with a prayer, and he said that he would say it! He has never ever prayed with the missionaries. He is super prepared. Comes to church almost every Sunday even if his family doesn't come with him. 

Just goes to show that the Lord is preparing people everywhere. We just have to find them.

Love you all!

Elder Morgan 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated October 14, 2013

Wow. These last 8 months have flown by. Looking back it's all gone soo fast! I just hope that the next 16 months are slower than the first 8. 

This week has been really really good We've been working like crazy! One of the days we had planned to go to the edge of our area to contact some former investigators. We went out there, it was a really long walk. We got there and none of them were home or would let us in the door. So we decided to do some tracting in the area. We didn't have much luck. We were just turning on to another street when a guy started hollering at us telling us to come over there. We got over there and he was suuuuper drunk. We got talking to him a little bit, he told us his name was Sergio Lucas and that the missionaries had come to his house before. He told us he was going to come to church on Sunday with us. We talked to him for a minute and told him we'd come back when he was sober. So that's what we did. 

Two days later we came back and talked to him. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel and he was so excited! We invited him to be baptized the end of this month, and he said yes. I've never seen anyone so excited about it than him! He's a boss!! He came with us to church and absolutely loved it! He's already given us referrals to a couple of his friends in the area too! He's a capo! 

So I'm loving Argentina.

I always thought i'd miss music on a mission. Especially outside the country cause I thought I wouldn't hear any music in English. But that's not a problem. Argentines like their music. Loud. Most houses have their massive speakers faced out the window blasting music. And a lot of the times that music is from the states. One of those little tender mercies (: 

The dogs down here are crazy. They're everywhere. In like one block it's not unusual to see like 20 dogs sleeping in the street. Not on the sidewalks, not in peoples yards, In the streets. It's kinda funny. Every now and then they'll like follow us too. It's pretty cool. Most of them are pretty nice, they just need a bath. Bad. lol. 

I'm loving it. I'm gaining weight. Not cool. We eat like a ton of pastas. And lunch is like the big meal here, not dinner, so my eating habits are like horrible. I stuff myself at 1, Then am starving at like 9. So I eat cereal. haha. Healthy, I know. 

We're looking forward to a good week! I hope you all have a good week too!!

Love you all!

Elder Luke Morgan

Luke said, "It's too dangerous to carry my camera with me. So I don't have too many pictures"

 Kinda a landscape of the houses there.
 The awesome Oreos they have here! (Despicable me) (: 

My companion and I at an all you can eat pizza place. (I ate 14 pieces) 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luke's letter dated October 7, 2013


This week has flown by really quick! We've been working our little tails off! haha. 

We walk a ton here. We walk about 10 to 13 miles a day. Compared to my area back in utah, the area here is huge! 

Back in utah we didn't tract at all. Here we tract quite a bit! My companion and I get home at night pretty much dead... It's really cool though. I love it! 

So In my letter last week I wasn't able to be super specific about things cause i didn`t have too much time. But now I have a little bit more time. So, I'll start with the food. We eat a ton of pastas and meat. I haven't had any steak yet. But i'm looking forward to it! We have bread with like every meal. Bread for Argentines is like tortillas for mexicans. 

The weather is changing here. It's starting to get hot. It's gonna get really really hot. I'm gonna have two summers here! (: .... 

The language isn't too different from the mexican spanish that I learned in Utah. So I don't have too much trouble understanding people. 

The city that I am in is kinda big. in size. It's mostly residential. Mostly dirt streets. The houses are fairly small. It's really a pretty cool place! 

One interesting thing. They don't really have garbage truck service here. So people just burn their trash. There is trash fires like everywhere all the time. Anything in specific you wanna know?? I just like can't think of anything about here to say. haha.

We found a super awesome guy this week. Jose. We found him knocking doors. He opened the door, and after a little persuasion he let us in the house (:  He works construction. And sleeps. That's all he has time to do. The only day he has off is sunday (YESSS!!) He really seemed kinda depressed, lonely and down. But when we started sharing the message of the Restoration of the Gospel, he lit up. It was like a light came on in his eyes. We invited him to be baptized, he said "of course!" Soo cool. Seems like he's been super prepared. I'm so excited for him!

I hope you all have a good week! I love you all!! (:

Elder Morgan