Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Friday, September 14, 2012

sept 8

Hey Mom
How's everything goin back home? I think I wanna come spend some time up there when I get back.  Even if it's for a few days.
So today is our combative test.  Pretty much we go into this shoot house like we're going to clear it.  The drill Sgt act like enemies and will attack you.  One got my battle buddy, so I cleared my sector of fire then jumped on the drill Sgt.  I choked the drill Sgt till they let go.  then threw them to the ground.  Then jumped on top of them and pinned them down till my battle buddy was able to detain them.  It was so much fun!!!!!
Before this my drill Sgt told us that he wanted us to be extremely violent.  He even told us he wanted us to "accidentally" break/bruise some drill sgts's ribs.
I'm learning alot here I learned that the dairy shakes in the MRE are actually just a very strong laxative.  I've also learned that everyone gets skittles in their MRE at least once.  Except ME.  I never get skittles.  I might get a phone call in the next few days.  It all depends if first Sgt. thought our barracks looked alright. 
One of my battle buddies was called in by our captain and command Sgt. major.  The red cross had called and told them that his wife had their baby, then he died just a few minutes later.  We all feel horrible about it.  He's  probably going home to Puerto Rico now.  He's keeping his head up though.
The mail is weird here. Sometimes we'll get it everyday.  Sometimes not for 2 weeks.  We're going on almost a week now.  It sucks!!!
So next week we have the night infiltration course.  It's this big mission that has a whole battalion working on it.  At one point they're going to shoot live .50 caliber rounds at us.  It's gonna be sweet.. We have to crawl through razor wire and all that stuff.  It'll be pretty cool.  But we won't get done till like 3 am.  We won't get any  sleep that night. After that we have a 3 day field training then we're done!
love ya
I've been sick for like 3 weeks with that same chest thing I always get.  But I don't wanna go to sick call.  so my medicine is a ton or oranges and cough drops.  It's just awesome.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey mom,
I didn't even know you were going back to Utah at all.  sounds like you had tons of fun reading your letter makes me wish I coulda been there. I really appreciate you helping me with my room.  When you come out to my graduation could you bring my camera.  Also, I'm going to have keynan and tahsha look for me a laptop.  Probably, I'm gonna need something to entertain me during AIT All my battle buddies are gonna be out drinking on the weekend and the army is looking for reasons to kick people out. So I'm no going to give them one.  People already don't take this seriously. Like right now, we're all sitting in a room, and all the Privates are impersonation the Drill Sgt's. Laughing and giggling.  Even a drill is in here and laughing.,  There is like no military bearing (?) in here. I mean it's funny and all, but it's not appropriate.  Oh well, I'm just keeping my mouth shut and sittin here. So I hope everything is going good back home.
Love Luke.
ps.  could you send me deodorant and gold bond powder and cough drops and stamps.

Hey mom,
Just got your letter . sounds like you're having a lot of fun with Leah!
Love the stamps! Thank you so much.  I dunno what I want for my birthday.  Maybe like some kinda gift card? I dunno.  It sucks you won't be here to go to church with me. I can go off the 28th and hang hout. 
Qualified BRM the other day.  Just got off FTX 2 ( field training exercise) I's a 2  day exercise .  It poured the whole time .  And I got put in as PG after two other people got fired.  Then I got fired,  nobody really know why.  Oh well, I didn't like it too much anyways.
a letter was sent out to dad with detailed graduation info.

Hey mom,
I'm doing pretty good here.  Everything is routine now.  Even when I don't do PT in the morning it feels weird.  I need to keep my PT up when I get home.  I hope Zane or Kolton or someone will work with me.  Talk to Zane on Facebook tell him I miss him and wish he was here and can't wait  to see him and everyone whin I get back.  I have a picture of me zane and Derick at graduation hanging in my wall locker I love it. 
I wish you could come to my barracks for one day and see what it's like. You would see the high quality living accommodations I have here.  NOT.  My barracks were built in about the 60's.  They're not the greatest.
So Ive learned that laundry has to be an ongoing steady thing.  I do a load like every other day .  And I have to fight for a washer.  We have to share 4 washers between 42 people.  The other platoons only have 2 washers for about 42 people. 
So I got to shoot an M$ with night vision and an IR Laser.  So pretty much it's completely dark outside and looking through the night vision you can see absolutely everything.  It's the coolest thing ever.
So we traded this dirtbag Private for a really annoying Private.  I dunno quite how I feel about it yet.  But, I really hated the dirtbag.  He didn't have respect for anyone, not his peers, not drill sgt's , not even our captian.  and he really didn't respect women,  That made me mad.  But the drill sgt's hated him too.  so they made his life hell.
So pretty much I have 1 more week of training.  Then one week in the field. Then graduation.  It's getting so close.  I saw another company start up the other day.  It was crazy to think I've come so far.
love you

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Luke's Letter dated 03 Sept 2012

Hey Everyone, 

So today is Labor Day.  We've had it pretty easy.  We got to  to sleep in till 5:30.  Then went straight to chow.  Then we got to have just a little free time.  We cleaned the barracks, cleaned weapons, I read my scriptures, and took a nap on top of the washing machine.  We're safe from the D.S. when we're in the latrine.  

We had some good hard P.T. Afterward our D.S. told us to lay down on the floor in our rooms for 20 minutes.  It was crazy!  This kinda stuff never happens!

I'm getting really close to being done.  I only have some advanced rifle marksmanship, Urban OPS, combatives drill, ceremony competition, and a 4 day field training exercise left.  

It sounds like a lot, but it's gonna fly by.  I've only got 23 days left.  It's going by so fast!

I can't wait to see you all again. 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Luke's Letter Dated 27 Aug 2012

Hey Everyone, 

So today we have 1 month left!  It's hard to believe I've already been here that long.  Time flies!  

It seems like just yesterday I was leaving home.  Although I'm doing really good here, I miss home.  I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss work, I miss the mountains, and I miss music!  We sing cadence while we march.  But it's just not the same as real music.  Some of the cadences are a ton of fun though!  When we get all 197 of us in the company sounding off together it sounds pretty sweet.  

But I'm also really happy I have the opportunity to be here, to learn new things, to help people to become a better person and to serve my country.  

I got made a squad leader today.  Basically I'm responsible for 18 people in my platoon.  I have to know where they are at all times and work out any problems they may have.  I have 2 team leaders to help me out with that but it's still a lot of work.  I also have to eat last.  Which really sucks.  I usually have 2-3 minutes to et. 

Can't wait to see you all. 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letter 8-11 ish
Mom, I really really miss you I wish I could just call or text anytime.  counting down the days.  today is 49 and a wake up.  I talked with one of my friends named Michie who is in AIT for 12 N , same job as me.  He says it's pretty easy.  Just an hour of PT. then classes and operating equipment all day, and after dinner chow, you have the rest of the day off till 10pm.  I can't wait to see you,. Tahsha made me a book of pictures.  It's pretty dang cool  and Leah colored a picture for me that is hanging up in my locker.  So on family day I don't think we can go off post.  I can show you around the base, but that's about it.  And I hear there is a burger king somewhere on base.  So we can have some gourmet meals.  but on graduation day we should be able to go off post and everything . If you search facebook for Leonards studio you might be able to find some pics of me . Look for D company 3-10 and the dates I'm here.  So I think my  commander might be a Mormon.  I'm pretty sure he wears a CTR  ring.  Pretty cool. 
Letter 8-26
Hey mom, How's everything going? I'm sitting here in church and I got thinking .  You know how you said that our ward wasn't really a " singing" ward? well you should see my branch here.  It's bad.  We have about 50 young privates and about 15 other members.  Few of which can sing.  I hope you can come here to show people what singing sounds like.
Church is different here.  There's a lot of war stories,  sometimes the audience3 says "hoorah" but in the end, the spirit is the same here.  It's nice to have 2 hours away.  This is my only break in the week.  Besides the 2 hours or so before church that I sleep in the latrine.  lol
So I got some more info about family day and all that.  Family day the 26th, I have graduation practice in the morning till about 1100 Then I can hang out with you all till about 2100 ish.  We have to stay on post and I have to stay in ACU's Graduation day the 27th, we have graduation in the morning, then after we can hang out till the evening sometime.  We can go off post, but I have to stay in ACU's , can't drive, can't drink, and can't Then the 28th and the rest of the weekend I'm at AIT.  But they may give me the weekend off.  I know know yet but if you can I'd love to go to  church with you  the 30th at 12.  Let me know and pass all that on
love , Luke

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letter Dated 08/22/12

Hey everyone, 

First Off, I was on range detail, basically I wake up at about 4.  Then go out to one of the ranges and set up for the day.  It's super chill.  

Then I kicked some butt at the range.  After we got back my drill Sergeant was in a really good mood.  So everyone go seconds and thirds at chow.  After that we got to get into our personal bags to get stuff.  This never happens.  Like ever.  After that we got a 15 minutes phone call!!

This all combined makes the best basic training day ever!

So I decided the water here kinda tastes like Salem pond.  I miss the good water back home.  

Being here makes me miss the little things back home.  It also makes me realize how good I've had it in my life.  

I miss you all.  



Friday, August 24, 2012

Luke's letter dated 08/18/12

Hey Everyone, 

So today makes one month that I've been here.  One month and one day since I left Utah, and one month plus two days since I've seen any of you.  I miss you all like crazy.  Looking back, the days go slow, but the weeks go fast.  We have 39 days left now.  It's crazy to think I'm almost halfway done.  

My platoon is good for the most part.  We're the 3rd platoon "Outlaws".  For the most part we get along.  There have been a few times when people would have no integrity and almost get the whole platoon in a lot of trouble.  But other than that we are all like each other.  We're all very different.  We have people of every different race, color, religion and backgrounds here.  For the most part I love it.  It can be hard, but at the end of the day it's all worth it.  

I saw another company have family day a few days ago.  It got me really excited for it.  Then the next day was graduation.  All the soldiers were dressed in their fancy dress blues.  I can't wait.  

Every Saturday is combatives.  We just learned a bunch of arm bars and chokes.  It's kinda cool.  The drill sergeant who teaches it is named D.S. Kenny.  He says his whole goal here is to teach us to break stuff and kill people.  He's doing a pretty good job so far.  LOL.  

A kid named private Lee got a package from his mom the other day.  Inside was beef jerky hidden inside a bag of cough drops, Jolly ranchers hidden inside a bottle of gold bond, and skittles hidden in a bottle of aspirin.  When D.S. found this, he dumped everything out on the ground, then made Lee write a letter to his mom saying how she has no integrity.  Kinda Crazy. 

I miss you all and can't wait till AIT (Advanced Individual Training) When I can use my phone. again to keep in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you all.  


He has earned the privilege of using his phone two different times.  Once for 5 minutes and once for ten minutes.  He expressed the hope that his family and friends would write to him.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

letter 8-15'
So things are going better now.  I was going to turn our machine gun in, the 6 from our platoon were spotless,  But the ones from the first and second platoons were filthy.  So we got to spend like 3 hours cleaning those weapons. While doing that Drill Sargeant Mondragon ( the female DS) said "Morgan are you in my platoon?" I said "Yes drill sargeant I am." She's like "wow, I've never seen you in my life.  Are you bull shittin me?" direct quote from his letter not my words  I said " No drill sargeant.  The DS Nicholson ( who has me on his s@@$# list) said "well you must be doing a damn good job then." to me!!! I did my happy dance on the inside.  just sayin.
I've been trying to write letters for the blog every now and then,  I don't really know what to say in them. 
I miss everyone.  I honestly got thinhking today that I miss my printers.  sad right?
So taday was super chill. we had post drills so we just broke down into groups and went out and worked.  This whole basic thing isn't too bad.  I've come home from days at the sign shop and been more drained tha I ever have here.  Sorry about the rips  Taps started so I had to get up really fast.  I have two favorite  cadences to sing 1. tiny bubble 2. killing the baby seals.  I laugh and smile every time we sing these.  it's awesome You should look them up.  I absolutely love singing cadences.
He is doing great , but, would love to hear from his friends.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Letter from Luke Dated 08-13-12

Hey Everyone, 

So things are going pretty good here. I heard from a guy at the barber shop that a bunch of heat records have been broken here this summer.  I believe him for sure.  It's crazy hot here. 

We started BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship) today.  We just went to this thing called the engagement skills trainer.  It's just this big room that is like a virtual shooting range.  All the weapons are hooked to a computer that tells you where your shots are being placed, what you did wrong , and a bunch of other stuff.  It was really cool.  I even shot better that the drill Sergeants.  I shot a 4cm 15 shot group.  I was happy with it.  

We go to the range all this week.  I'm learning a lot so I'll be able to shoot my 2 point out at 1000 yards when I get back.  

So we changed from red phase to white phase.  This pretty much means that we're progressing through basic and we get more freedom now.  But not too much. 

I hope everyone is doing good.  


In one of the last letters to me Luke expressed that he has not received one letter from any of his friends.  He was a little down about it.  Please write to him.  He would really love it and it would help keep his spirits up. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Luke wanted to write a letter to everyone and have it posted here.  This is his letter dated August 7, 2012.

Hey Everyone, I'm going to try to write a weekly letter just to let you all know how I'm doing and what I'm up to.  

Today is day 18.  Week 3.  

Our days start at about 5.  We do an hour of physical training, then get into training.  Our training is different every day.  We've done grenade launches, machine guns, first aid, communications, hand grenades, rappelling tower and a bunch of other stuff.  The days are pretty fun.  I like it even though it's really hard.  

My platoon doesn't really get smoked very much, so it's not bad.  

It's pretty hot here, every day is about 100 degrees or more.  

I hope everyone is doing well.  Please write letters.  I love getting mail.  

Can't wait to see you all 


Luke really wants everyone to write to him.  The address is on the blog.  I know that it would be encouraging for him to get letters from you.

letter 8-14

Hey mom
so there's hotels around FT. Leonard wood.  There's not any place to stay on post.Google it just to make sure, but I think the closest town is ST. Robert.  You're also going to  have to rent a car.  It's about 2 hours from st. Louis to Leonard wood.  I miss Rowdy more, hands down. No doubt about it. haha.  Where are you going rafting. I'm a little jealous!
So my days start at about 4:30. First formation is 0520 Then we do physical training till about 0715. Then b breakfast, then training throughout the day . Training is anything from combative to drill and ceremony.  Last Monday was the gas chamber. Worst thing ever!!! It felt like I couldn't breathe or anything. Don't worry,  They got all of it on video and I bought it.  Gonna show that crap to my grand kids! Last Saturday we shot the M203 grenade launcher.  Pretty dang cool! and Tuesday we shot the M 249 machine gun and the M240 B machine gun.  I kinda felt like Rambo, just sayin'. This next week we start basic Rifle marksmanship with our M16 AZ We also go the grenade range to throw two live hand grenades.  The drill Sargent's aren't too bad.  They feed off our motivation.  So if we're doing good, they go easy on us. But if we're screwing up, they make our lives hell.
The food is okay. When we get to eat at the chow hall it's not too bad. They mix up the menu so we have a little variety.  But some days we're too busy to eat at the chow hall, so we get the pleasure of eating the lovely MRE.  Some of them are pretty good, but they all leave you hungry within an hour.
The weather goes one of two ways.  Hot, or stormy and hot.  Most days are about 123degrees. This sucks, but at least they take us into the air conditioning to smoke us. lol
Thanks for the letter.
I love you
PS please write in a different color next time.  We have to be sneaky and use red flashlights when we do stuff after lights out.  Pink ink is invisible under a red light.  hahaha

Friday, August 3, 2012

got 2 letters
1st letter: Hey mom Just at church I got a military Bof M and a tag saying if I get hurt to get an LDS chaplain or a member so I can have a blessing.
This is the end of week one! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Even the shark attack wasn't bad!
So, Please get my address out on facebook and tell my friends to write, I would really really like that.  The letters help keep us going here.  Also send pictures and tell my friends and family to send pictures.  Ive got a strong support base here.  We're all pretty tight.
ps. they should send a picture with this.  The picture is proof that even basic training soldiers can smile.
he did send a picture I will get it uploaded soon as I figure out how.
2nd letter:
things are going awesome! this whole basic training thing isn't near as hard as I thought it would be. I've already learned a lot and done some cool things.  I shot a grenade launcher at a tank yesterday.  Yes, I'm just that cool.
I asked him for a break down of his address:
pfc morgan (him)
d=delta company 3-10 INF BN( not VN as I thought)=the 3-10 infantry batallion, 3rd PLT=3rd platoon
495 Iowa ave=where it is, ft leonard wood=fort lost in the woods, MO=misery or crap hole
also got a letter from his branch pres telling about the branch and times etc.  It also gave a web address for the fort  if you go there you can find info about graduation, family day, fort activities etc. recieved another letter from the military relations dept of the church..  it assured me that they have a deep and abiding interest in Luke's welfare and along with his family are very proud of his willingness to serve

commander letter

got a letter from Luke's commander, Capt. Smith.  regarding Luke's experience in basic.  It says that he can't have any visitors while at basic and if you are going to send something it can't be food, alcohol, tobacco, or porn.  So I'm wondering what to send. 
His "Family Day is Sept 26 and graduation is the 27th. 
In his first letter to me, he said that some guy in his platoon snuck in a cell phone.  Most likely that person will be kicked out. He said that basic isn't much like he expected, mostly hurry up and wait.
He said he misses me and he misses his dog.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Luke's First Letter

Luke wrote a letter on Tuesday the 24th.  In it he said:

Basic is pretty good.  This isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I think we're getting our M16A2 tomorrow (Wed. 25) and were going to the range saturday to fire the M139AT4Rocket Launcher, the M240 B, the M249 Saw and the M16.  Should be pretty fun.

Testing, testing

This is a test post.
Stay tuned for some great info from Luke.