Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Luke's letter dated 08/18/12

Hey Everyone, 

So today makes one month that I've been here.  One month and one day since I left Utah, and one month plus two days since I've seen any of you.  I miss you all like crazy.  Looking back, the days go slow, but the weeks go fast.  We have 39 days left now.  It's crazy to think I'm almost halfway done.  

My platoon is good for the most part.  We're the 3rd platoon "Outlaws".  For the most part we get along.  There have been a few times when people would have no integrity and almost get the whole platoon in a lot of trouble.  But other than that we are all like each other.  We're all very different.  We have people of every different race, color, religion and backgrounds here.  For the most part I love it.  It can be hard, but at the end of the day it's all worth it.  

I saw another company have family day a few days ago.  It got me really excited for it.  Then the next day was graduation.  All the soldiers were dressed in their fancy dress blues.  I can't wait.  

Every Saturday is combatives.  We just learned a bunch of arm bars and chokes.  It's kinda cool.  The drill sergeant who teaches it is named D.S. Kenny.  He says his whole goal here is to teach us to break stuff and kill people.  He's doing a pretty good job so far.  LOL.  

A kid named private Lee got a package from his mom the other day.  Inside was beef jerky hidden inside a bag of cough drops, Jolly ranchers hidden inside a bottle of gold bond, and skittles hidden in a bottle of aspirin.  When D.S. found this, he dumped everything out on the ground, then made Lee write a letter to his mom saying how she has no integrity.  Kinda Crazy. 

I miss you all and can't wait till AIT (Advanced Individual Training) When I can use my phone. again to keep in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you all.  


He has earned the privilege of using his phone two different times.  Once for 5 minutes and once for ten minutes.  He expressed the hope that his family and friends would write to him.

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