Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

letter 8-14

Hey mom
so there's hotels around FT. Leonard wood.  There's not any place to stay on post.Google it just to make sure, but I think the closest town is ST. Robert.  You're also going to  have to rent a car.  It's about 2 hours from st. Louis to Leonard wood.  I miss Rowdy more, hands down. No doubt about it. haha.  Where are you going rafting. I'm a little jealous!
So my days start at about 4:30. First formation is 0520 Then we do physical training till about 0715. Then b breakfast, then training throughout the day . Training is anything from combative to drill and ceremony.  Last Monday was the gas chamber. Worst thing ever!!! It felt like I couldn't breathe or anything. Don't worry,  They got all of it on video and I bought it.  Gonna show that crap to my grand kids! Last Saturday we shot the M203 grenade launcher.  Pretty dang cool! and Tuesday we shot the M 249 machine gun and the M240 B machine gun.  I kinda felt like Rambo, just sayin'. This next week we start basic Rifle marksmanship with our M16 AZ We also go the grenade range to throw two live hand grenades.  The drill Sargent's aren't too bad.  They feed off our motivation.  So if we're doing good, they go easy on us. But if we're screwing up, they make our lives hell.
The food is okay. When we get to eat at the chow hall it's not too bad. They mix up the menu so we have a little variety.  But some days we're too busy to eat at the chow hall, so we get the pleasure of eating the lovely MRE.  Some of them are pretty good, but they all leave you hungry within an hour.
The weather goes one of two ways.  Hot, or stormy and hot.  Most days are about 123degrees. This sucks, but at least they take us into the air conditioning to smoke us. lol
Thanks for the letter.
I love you
PS please write in a different color next time.  We have to be sneaky and use red flashlights when we do stuff after lights out.  Pink ink is invisible under a red light.  hahaha

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