Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Letter from Luke Dated 08-13-12

Hey Everyone, 

So things are going pretty good here. I heard from a guy at the barber shop that a bunch of heat records have been broken here this summer.  I believe him for sure.  It's crazy hot here. 

We started BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship) today.  We just went to this thing called the engagement skills trainer.  It's just this big room that is like a virtual shooting range.  All the weapons are hooked to a computer that tells you where your shots are being placed, what you did wrong , and a bunch of other stuff.  It was really cool.  I even shot better that the drill Sergeants.  I shot a 4cm 15 shot group.  I was happy with it.  

We go to the range all this week.  I'm learning a lot so I'll be able to shoot my 2 point out at 1000 yards when I get back.  

So we changed from red phase to white phase.  This pretty much means that we're progressing through basic and we get more freedom now.  But not too much. 

I hope everyone is doing good.  


In one of the last letters to me Luke expressed that he has not received one letter from any of his friends.  He was a little down about it.  Please write to him.  He would really love it and it would help keep his spirits up. 

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