Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated December 30, 2013

This week was pretty awesome! We started out with our Christmas P day. Including a trip to the temple! The new video was really awesome! I think it'll be even better in English! 

On Tuesday we went to the Cepeda Family for dinner. We got there about 7 and hung out till almost 10. They had soo much good food!! I honestly don't know what most of it was called, But it was good!! 

At midnight here in Argentina they start lighting fireworks. I'm pretty sure some of these people save up all year to buy fireworks for the 24 th. It was pretty impressive! It sounded like some kind of war zone for about 20 minutes straight. After that we decided that it was time to get some sleep. 

On Christmas we just kinda did normal missionary stuff until the afternoon. We went to the family cepeda again and ate lunch there at their house. After that we got Skype all set up and talked with our families. My companion talked first, then me. The Cepeda family was really excited to see people that speak English, and to see snow. lol. Good stuff. 

Saturday we had the opportunity to see 13 Baptisms. We had one and the other elders had 12. (Capos) We Baptized a lady named Blanca. She is 79 years old. 

My companion kinda forgot how to baptize someone and had her plug her nose with the wrong hand, so she didn't go all the way under. After the first time she said NO!!! That's enough!! hahah. The mission president talked her into giving it another shot. After my companion trying all sorts of weird stuff to baptize her, he finally got it right, and everything went off really good. 

The other guy who was baptizing couldn't get the prayer right. He kept saying Cristo Jesus instead of Jesucristo. The mission president said " Well, He said the saviors name, I'm sure Christ will understand." lol

Overall everything went great! It was humbling to see someone change their life even when they don't have a whole ton of life left to change.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!!

Elder Morgan

 The Cepeda Family

 And when I was little we used to make forts in the basement on Christmas eve. Well I'm not so little anymore, But I still do that (: The fort wasn't very impressive, just our four beds out in the main room of our house....

 We Baptized a lady named Blanca. She is 79 years old. 

Saturday we had the opportunity to see 13 Baptisms

Our Christmas Tree

Monday, December 16, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated December 16, 2013


This week was full of little miricales! I made a resolve this week that I would follow every single prompting from the spirit. 

On Saturday we had a ton of stuff to do, and we had lunch with a family wayyy outside our area. On our way there my companion's bike went flat. So we had to get a little creative. (I'll send a picture) We fixed the tire while were at lunch and went on our way. Well, we got on our way, and this time it didn't go flat. It exploded. Sweet. So we started the walk back into our area. We had planned to go to a little town called Jauregui (Pronounced kinda like how-ree) But at this moment we didn't really have time to go there. I felt like we needed to go, so we did despite the fact that it didn't really make sense and we didn't have time. Well, after going there and knocking (Clapping) A bunch of doors we found an awesome guy who was super interested. Just goes to show that when you trust in the lord, everything works out.

Next week i won't have time to use the computer, so I wanna talk a little bit about Christmas.  

This Christmas I hope that you all can take some time, personally or in your family and offer a prayer of gratitude for what Jesus Christ has done for us. I hope that as you go about all the things that you have to do this season that you can remember the reason behind Christmas. 

If you have a few seconds you should find the mormon message named "The Spirit of Christmas." 

Always remember to keep the Christ in Christmas

I love you all, 

Merry Christmas!

Elder Morgan

Monday, December 9, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated December 9, 2013

Hey everyone!

This week has been pretty good! Nothing super new and exciting. 

Transfers was this week, I am still with my companion. We fight quite a bit, but we're working it all out. haha. He has 7 months in the mission, and he is my district leader/ Senior companion. 

This week we had a really cool experience with Olinda, one of our recent converts. We brought one of her neighbors, blanca, to her house. Olinda started bearing testimony to blanca about the church, how it's changed her life, and how she needed to get baptized. The next day Olinda brought Blanca to church. It's really cool to have had a part in teaching such a prepared convert. Really a humbling experience. 

With Christmas coming up, I want to invite you all to think about the real meaning of christmas. If you can, look up a video on youtube called the spirit of Christmas. It's one of those Mormon Messages. Really powerful. 

I love you all. 

Elder Morgan

Monday, December 2, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated December 2, 2013

This week was fairly uneventful to be honest. 

We have been working a lot in a little town called Olivera. There's only like a couple thousand people there and there haven't been missionaries there for a while! So we are having a lot of success there! 

One really cool thing that happened this week; We have an awesome member family, the Cepeda Family. They were baptized like 4 months ago. They are super solid and help us out a ton! So we are at their house a lot. 

Brother Cepeda does cement work and has been out of work for a while now. We tried our best to always excite them and everything, but they had some really hard moments and were pretty down sometimes. We kept telling them that faith without works was dead. If they didn't go out and search for the work, that it would be really hard to find it. 

Well, they did just that. They exercised their faith and started to work in different ways. They started baking bread and working from their home to make money. The income wasn't much, but it was something. Three days later Brother Cepeda got a call. He now has three big jobs to do. One of them he is doing all the cement work for a giant warehouse. 

After they started to exercise their faith god showed them the miricales. It is amazing to see the hand of god in all things!
I love you all!! And I hope you had a great thanksgiving!! (I didn't even remember that it was thanksgiving. They don't really celebrate anything like that here. Just "The Day of the Virgin of Lujan" ) lol
Elder Morgan

Monday, November 25, 2013

Luke's Letter dated November 25, 2013

This week we had the baptisms of Olinda, a lady that has about 60 years, Jasmin a little girl that has about 8 years, and Karla, a girl that has 17 years. It was really pretty awesome! 

We had District conference this weekend so we couldn't do the baptisms on Saturday.  We had to do them after conference on Sunday.  In total we had 25 baptisms as a zone all on the same day, in the same font! It was pretty awesome! The mission president was there and helped us out with all of it too! Really a pretty awesome experience! 

Things have been going really well for me! Transfers are coming up, and we think my companion is going to leave. 
Our area is on fire. We have been working like crazy. We found a new area that we have, it's a little town called Olivera. We went down there and tore it up the other day. We worked our butts off and found a lot of new people to teach. One of them we found on Saturday, and she came to church Sunday with her two daughters! It was pretty awesome! 

I don't have too much more time. But I hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Morgan

Monday, November 18, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated November 18, 2013


It's been another great week! Nothing too exciting most of the week. On saturday we had to wake up at 4 to go to the mission office. We had a special meeting with all three of the missions in Buenos Aires plus the MTC here in buenos aires. Elder Jeffery R. Holland was presiding at the meeting. Also there were the president of the area, and one of the members of the presidency of the 70.

Elder Holland began by saying "I came halfway around the world to tell you one thing. It'll take me a while to say it, and i'll use a lot of words. But that one thing is that I love you." He went on to say that we are the most prayed for group of people on this planet. Perhaps only the prophet is more prayed for than us. 

He went on to say that his work, and our work is the same. Every day, we have the responsibility of saving souls. He said that we are never ever to forget what we learned here. We can't just come out on the mission, then go on with "Real Life" He said that this is the closest thing to "Real life" we will ever experience. He said the most crushing thing in his life is to see a missionary who has walked away from all of this. 

I couldn't help but think about my companion who ran away. I hope he realizes what he walked away from. And that he will remain faithful in the gospel, and live up to the covenants that he has made. 

He told us, concerning converts, that the only thing he can promise us is that if we have even one single ounce of integrity, we will convert ourselves. 

He told us why they chose the title of the manual to be "Preach My Gospel" He expounded each word. He spent the most time on the word "My" He said this is the lords gospel. Not ours. If we want it our way we have to go somewhere else. (He then made a burger king reference) lol. I wish I had time to relate fully what he said to us. But I don't. Some other day. 

One really funny part. Elder Holland was speaking in English, and he had a translator there speking spanish. In one point elder Holland said "You need to savor every part of your mission. The good, the bad, the in's, the outs, the ups, the downs, the side to side, the back and forth......" He went on like that for a second, then realized that that was nearly impossible to translate. He stopped and looked at the translator. The translator calmy translated it the best he could, it sounded smooth, and made a lot of sense. Elder holland then grabbed the translator and kissed him on the cheek. haha. It was absolutely hilarious! It was really cool to see him speak in an environment where he could be a little bit more relaxed, and have a little more fun. 

I love this work. 

I love this gospel. 

I love this mission. 

And I love all of you.

Elder Morgan

Monday, November 11, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated November 11, 2013

Well this week flew by like crazy!! It seems like just yesterday it was P-day. 

I kinda forgot completely that Halloween was last week. It wasn't a really big deal here. Kinda weird. 

We have been working hard to find families who are going to progress, this week we found a couple of them! 

WE have still been working with the Robles Family. They have some difficulties to overcome, but with a little faith they'll be able to do it! The daughter now wants to be baptized the 24th of this month. (Mom's birthday!!!) 

That day we'll have at least two baptisms, the elders in our ward will have like 6, and the sisters will have 8. Plus we have district conference that Sunday, so the other missionaries will be having their baptisms in our chapel. Overall we're going to have about 20 baptisms at one time!!! It's gonna be pretty awesome!! 

So we were looking in some directories and records of our area, and found out that we have three cities that we've never even been to. We decided to go to one of them Saturday.  It was about a ten minute train ride down there. Then we had to walk like 10 km in total. We were looking for a few less active families. We got super lost and didn't find even one of them. lol. It was good though, we got to contact some people down there, and know a new area.

We are looking forward to working more in that area! We'll just have to bring our bikes next time! 

I hope that everything is going well for all of you! 

Look for ways to share the gospel with those you know this week! 

Love you!!

Elder Morgan

Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter From Luke Dated November 4, 2013


This week has been pretty sweet! I'm in Lujan. My area is like mostly country. I dunno really how to describe it in english. The spanish word for it is campo. But it's pretty sweet! We are like one of the few areas in the mission that has bikes. It's nice. But I think I enjoy walking more. It's easier to talk with more people when you walk. But my companion like never stops. He has so much energy! It's pretty sweet! 

We have been finding families like crazy. We have one family, the Robles Family. They're all pretty awesome! They came to church this sunday. They're like all super ready to change their lives. It's pretty sweet! The Lord really answers prayers and helps his servants with what they need. 

Sorry for the short letter. I'm running out of time on the computer. 

I love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Morgan

Monday, October 28, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated October 28, 2013

So this week has been... Interesting. It started out like any other week. Just normal. Until wednesday

I woke up to a little surprise. I woke up to not have a companion. BAD. 

Luckily I lived with other elders so I wasn't alone. But still BAD. I didn't have a companion. We didn't know where he was. REALLY BAD. After half a million phone calls and a really really long talk with the zone leaders. The President decided that I needed to pack up all my things and my companion's things and come to the office. 

As we got looking through my companion's things we found more and more clues about where he would have gone. Somehow he woke up in the middle of the night and packed a suitcase and just left. I don't even know how he did it. 

So I packed all my stuff and went to the office. I stayed in the office for three days. I now understand the phrase bored to death. It was bad. haha. It gave me a lot of time to think though. So that was good. 

We had a bunch of new missionaries coming in, so I was able to talk to them for a little while. That helped keep me sane. 

This weekend I went out with Elder Hazlett. (My comp in SLC) and wow. This mission has changed him. A lot! I love it. He has transformed for the better. Like crazy! I want that kind of transformation in my life. 

I want to have a sacred mission. I want to become a truly converted desciple of Jesus Christ. I want to return with honor. While I was in the apartment of Elder Hazlett I met a lot of missionaries. His apartment is kinda like the hotel for the mission. All the new missionaries and the ones going home stay there. 

I met one that was going home named Elder Morgan from Tennesee. I started talking to him. He seemed like I could trust him, so I told him everything that had happened. He helped me so much. I told him I was nervous for my interview with President. He gave me a hug and said don't you dare be nervous! 

Right before I went in to talk to President today. I saw Elder Morgan and he looked me in the eyes and told me to be an example. To be strong. And to always do what god wants me to. He helped me a ton through a really hard time! 

I talked with President this morning. We talked for a while. In the end he told me that we're just gonna move on and keep working. I love that man. He's awesome! 

I got my new companion today. Elder Hernandez from Columbia. He's a boss! We're in a place called Lujan. It's way different from my last area from what I've seen so far. We're on bikes too! haha. It rocks.

I love you all! 

Have a great week!!!

Elder Morgan

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letter From Luke Dated October 21, 2013


This week has been pretty sweet. Honestly we didn't get to work too much. But it was pretty good still! 

A while back we had to go to the capital (a 3.5 hour trip consisting of two buses, a train, and a taxi kinda thing) to get my companion's toenail looked at. It was ingrown pretty bad. 

Dr. Flinders told us that it's better to wait until it gets either worse or better until we do something. Well... It got worse. So we went back and the doctor took off half of the toenail. 

Now my comp barely can walk . Not so great. So he works as hard and as long as he can. Then he has to stop and take a break. So that's pretty much been our week! My comp has the best attitude about the whole situation ever though. He's an absolute boss!

I'm running out of time on the computer. But one really really cool thing that happened last night we had a lesson with a guy who is in a family where everyone is members except him and his son. They've had missionaries passing by for like 16 years now. And he always said that it's not his time to get baptized, or some other excuse like that. 

Last night we were talking with him and he said ya know? I think it's my time. We started talking about it and set a date for him to to get baptized. Then, at the end of the lesson, we were about to leave with a prayer, and he said that he would say it! He has never ever prayed with the missionaries. He is super prepared. Comes to church almost every Sunday even if his family doesn't come with him. 

Just goes to show that the Lord is preparing people everywhere. We just have to find them.

Love you all!

Elder Morgan 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated October 14, 2013

Wow. These last 8 months have flown by. Looking back it's all gone soo fast! I just hope that the next 16 months are slower than the first 8. 

This week has been really really good We've been working like crazy! One of the days we had planned to go to the edge of our area to contact some former investigators. We went out there, it was a really long walk. We got there and none of them were home or would let us in the door. So we decided to do some tracting in the area. We didn't have much luck. We were just turning on to another street when a guy started hollering at us telling us to come over there. We got over there and he was suuuuper drunk. We got talking to him a little bit, he told us his name was Sergio Lucas and that the missionaries had come to his house before. He told us he was going to come to church on Sunday with us. We talked to him for a minute and told him we'd come back when he was sober. So that's what we did. 

Two days later we came back and talked to him. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel and he was so excited! We invited him to be baptized the end of this month, and he said yes. I've never seen anyone so excited about it than him! He's a boss!! He came with us to church and absolutely loved it! He's already given us referrals to a couple of his friends in the area too! He's a capo! 

So I'm loving Argentina.

I always thought i'd miss music on a mission. Especially outside the country cause I thought I wouldn't hear any music in English. But that's not a problem. Argentines like their music. Loud. Most houses have their massive speakers faced out the window blasting music. And a lot of the times that music is from the states. One of those little tender mercies (: 

The dogs down here are crazy. They're everywhere. In like one block it's not unusual to see like 20 dogs sleeping in the street. Not on the sidewalks, not in peoples yards, In the streets. It's kinda funny. Every now and then they'll like follow us too. It's pretty cool. Most of them are pretty nice, they just need a bath. Bad. lol. 

I'm loving it. I'm gaining weight. Not cool. We eat like a ton of pastas. And lunch is like the big meal here, not dinner, so my eating habits are like horrible. I stuff myself at 1, Then am starving at like 9. So I eat cereal. haha. Healthy, I know. 

We're looking forward to a good week! I hope you all have a good week too!!

Love you all!

Elder Luke Morgan

Luke said, "It's too dangerous to carry my camera with me. So I don't have too many pictures"

 Kinda a landscape of the houses there.
 The awesome Oreos they have here! (Despicable me) (: 

My companion and I at an all you can eat pizza place. (I ate 14 pieces) 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luke's letter dated October 7, 2013


This week has flown by really quick! We've been working our little tails off! haha. 

We walk a ton here. We walk about 10 to 13 miles a day. Compared to my area back in utah, the area here is huge! 

Back in utah we didn't tract at all. Here we tract quite a bit! My companion and I get home at night pretty much dead... It's really cool though. I love it! 

So In my letter last week I wasn't able to be super specific about things cause i didn`t have too much time. But now I have a little bit more time. So, I'll start with the food. We eat a ton of pastas and meat. I haven't had any steak yet. But i'm looking forward to it! We have bread with like every meal. Bread for Argentines is like tortillas for mexicans. 

The weather is changing here. It's starting to get hot. It's gonna get really really hot. I'm gonna have two summers here! (: .... 

The language isn't too different from the mexican spanish that I learned in Utah. So I don't have too much trouble understanding people. 

The city that I am in is kinda big. in size. It's mostly residential. Mostly dirt streets. The houses are fairly small. It's really a pretty cool place! 

One interesting thing. They don't really have garbage truck service here. So people just burn their trash. There is trash fires like everywhere all the time. Anything in specific you wanna know?? I just like can't think of anything about here to say. haha.

We found a super awesome guy this week. Jose. We found him knocking doors. He opened the door, and after a little persuasion he let us in the house (:  He works construction. And sleeps. That's all he has time to do. The only day he has off is sunday (YESSS!!) He really seemed kinda depressed, lonely and down. But when we started sharing the message of the Restoration of the Gospel, he lit up. It was like a light came on in his eyes. We invited him to be baptized, he said "of course!" Soo cool. Seems like he's been super prepared. I'm so excited for him!

I hope you all have a good week! I love you all!! (:

Elder Morgan

Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter From Luke Dated September 30, 2013 (Luke's Birthday)


Finally here. It's nothing like I expected! This place is so much different than the states. I love it though! 
So I'll start from the beginning. Last week I said goodbyes to my district and everything back in salt lake. Sooo sad. I miss them already! 

I went to the SLC airport on wednesday morning. Got checked in and went on my way through security. (mine were the only bags that weren't overweight.) Met up with Sisters Walker, Bangerter, and Neilsen. They were all in my mtc district. 

We flew into Los Ángeles. I sat by Sisters walker and neilsen. It wasnt too bad! Kinda short. We had a little time in LA. So we made some phone calls. I wanted to call more people. But i figured i better give the time to the sisters. 

We then got back on a plane to fly all the way over to Atlanta. Longer flight this time. It was alright. I was able to sleep a little bit. I sat by the same two sisters. We just talked most of the time. Not too bad! 

We arrived in Atlanta a little late because of a water problem on the plane back in LA. So we ran across the airport to get to our next flight. There was a whole ton of missionaries there. Some visa waiters, some going to the mtc down here. We got on that one and got all situated. Sister Bangerter was sitting with us this time. We all got setteled in and sis bangerter said she had melatonen. (I know i didn't spell that right) so she gave me one. I slept most of the way there! 

It was soo nice! after 9 hours 45 min. We finally got to Argentina! It was soo nice to finally be here. After a pain in the butt process of getting through customs and immigration we finally got to our mission president. He greeted us and we were on our way. we went to the temple, took pictures, then went to the presidents house to eat some lunch, have interviews and be introduced into the mission. Soo good! 

(: We spent the majority of this day in the offices and everything just working on paperwork and all that! Kinda boring. But it's all good! 

We had oreo night. An experience I could spend a whole email on. Crazyness. I'll send pictures next week. 

On friday I got my new companion! Elder Barrenechea from Peru. He doesn't speak hardly any english. But we get along just fine! He's like 5 foot 4. Much shorter than me. It's a little funny to look at us! 

My area is the Marilo ward. The city of moreno.. I think. Or maybe the city or Marilo. Who knows! lol. It's a pretty humble area. Mostly dirt streets. The houses are generally small. I love it though! The people are so nice and loving! It rocks! I'm loving Argentina! And my mission!! (:

So. Mail I can get mail anytime, as much as you all can send. But as far as packages it's recommended that I only get 3-4 a year. Every package I get costs about 20-50 dollars to recieve on top of what you have paid to send it down here. Not too cheap. So they reccomend that I only get a few a year so I still have money to eat and stuff (:

The address for mail and packages is:

La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días
Elder Morgan
Misión  Buenos Aires Oeste
C.C. 92 
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hope to hear from all of you soon!!
Love you!! (:

Elder Morgan

Friday, September 27, 2013

Luke makes it to Argentina Finally 09-26-2013

Here is a letter from President and Sister Carter

September 26, 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Morgan,

We are writing to inform you that your son, Elder Morgan, has arrived safely in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission. We have enjoyed becoming acquainted with him and are confident that he will beco- me an effective instrument in the hands of the Lord in sharing the gospel.

We have assigned your son a companion who is an experienced, devoted, and motivated Elder. Missionaries understand that one of the greatest privileges available in the mission is to train a new missionary. This first companion will be a special person in your son’s life and will help him to have a great start to his mission.

We feel that our greatest responsibility is the care and welfare of your son. We want to assure you that we will be in close contact with him. We will be observant of his physical health, happiness and spiritual well-being. We will work closely with him throughout his mission to help him succeed and fulfill his calling as a representative of the Church and as an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please be assured that we will be in contact with you if we ever encounter any concerns that would call for your attention. We see you as a great asset to the success of your son while he is serving in the mission field and will work closely with you if the need arises.

Enclosed is a photograph of your missionary taken with us today. You may want to check in on the mission blog from time to time at There you will also find contact information for us on the tab beneath the header.

Thank you for the sacrifices you are making at home to have your missionary in the field. We have seen the Lord bless the families of missionaries who are serving in untold ways.

President Douglas B. Carter Hermana Debra Carter 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Luke's last letter from the states dated September 21, 2013


So I'm going to Argentina in two days. It's crazy to think about it. I honestly thought it wouldn't come! But it's here! I can't wait to get down there!!! (: 

This week has been really really good. First things first. Leida (Lady). We asked her who she wanted to baptize her. She said me. I explained to her that it's better if someone from the branch baptizes her. She was cool with that, and she said she'd get back to us on our next lesson. So we showed up for our next lesson and she asked me to baptize her. I figured it was okay. So I said yes (: I got to perform the baptism on Saturday. She seemed so happy. I asked her how she felt afterwards. She said "New." Best answer I've ever heard! (: Pretty sweet! 

ON Sunday she went up to get confirmed, and the branch president asked her who she would like to confirm her. We had talked about the first counselor doing it before. But she pointed to me and said, "Him." So, then I had to figure out how to do a confirmation.(I've never done one before this moment) I did it, and afterwards I asked another Elder if I had done it right. He said perfect. So I was a little relieved. I felt bad that I did both the baptism and the confirmation. But it was what she wanted. So It's all good! (: 

On Saturday after the baptism My dad and Susan took my companion and I to Tucanos. I always walk outta there in pain. But it's sooo worth it!! (: It was pretty awesome!

I got a package from my mom this week. It was an airplane survival kit. It was pretty sick. My mom kinda rocks. And is hilarious!!!!

Well, I gotta go shopping now. I'm gonna buy all of one box of cereal to last me the day I have left here. Good stuff (:
Love you all!!

Elder Morgan

ps. I get a little trunky every time I see an airplane (: Just sayin

Luke's letter dated September 16, 2013

Wow. This week has been crazy fast! It's been awesome though! 

First things first. On Wednesday we were riding past seven peaks. They've been doing some kinda work there, and have put up giant shipping containers along the side of the wave pool, and have put up a green screen on the containers, and on some scaffolding that was set up on the back of the pool. I was a really curious as to what was going on. So we asked a man in the parking lot what was going on. He said it was a movie set for the church. They were filming a scene in the Sea of Galilee when Christ calms the tempest. He asked us if we had a minute that he could show us around. We of course said yes!! 

He took us on the set showed us around, introduced us to a bunch of people and showed us how they were going to film it. They do all the filming from 7 in the evening to 7 in the morning so they can get the lighting right. It was a spectacular sight! We were then taken over to the catering truck. We got a really nice meal and got to talk to a bunch of people. We got to see the people playing Christ and all the apostles in the boat. It was really awesome! 

The video is going to go in the Rome visitors center. So they're filming it in Aramaic and Italian. That was so cool! They're done now. Today is their last day. But it was awesome to see that!  

We have had some awesome lessons with our investigator Lady. She's super solid. She always asks the best questions in lessons, and is so interested and wants to learn! She will be baptized this Saturday. She's so excited! I dunno who's more excited, her, or me! She's going to be an amazing member of the church! I know that for sure! 

Genaro and Viate have been a little hard to find at home this week. The one time we did she was sleeping and he was outside. We tried to have a lesson with him. But he didn't really wanna hear anything about it. One funny part, his friend (Who is a member) and he were talking about bullets and guns and stuff. They said something about a 7.62 mm round. Then genaro said oh these white boys don't even know what that is. I then told him, well actually... I'm in the military. I know all about that kinda stuff. He said "Oh, I guess you do." It was a little funny! He thought it was pretty good! 

Haven't heard anything on my visa. The word from Argentina is that they're supposed to get about 40 visa waiters mid-transfer. Hope I'm one of them. 

Just as a friendly reminder, My birthday is September 30th
on a related note, my address is :
1046 W 1700 S
SLC UT, 84104

(: (:

Love you all!  Hope you have a great week!! 
Elder Morgan

Monday, September 9, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated September 9, 2013

Luke Wrote:

Just want you all to know. I, Elder Luke Young Morgan, am the first Visa Waiter District Leader in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. Do I rock?? Dang right I do.

So.. this week has been pretty interesting. 

Monday night we got a call saying that Elder Colton was going to be moved up to Farmington. So he moved up there Tuesday.  

President told me that I was the Senior comp/ trainer for Elder Shepard. We thought that was pretty sweet. 

Most of this week we've been doing service for people. Some projects are a lot bigger than we should have taken on. But we did it anyways.. haha. We had to fix a hole in a lady's ceiling. Still working on that one. haha. We had to help clean out this family's backyard. While we were there the lady told us that her husband was going to get served with divorce papers that day. We got outta there pretty quick. Didn't wanna be around for that whole deal. 

One of our investigators, Lady, is super super solid. One of her friends who is already a member told us well, I'm pretty sure you've already got her all convinced. She will like read ahead on reading assignments, ask super super solid questions. All sorts of stuff. It's pretty tight. I love it. 

Genaro is still struggling with alcohol. His wife, Viate, still wants to get baptized though. They've been having a hard time coming to church, so it's gonna be put off a couple weeks. She's pretty much an angel though. 

Transfers are this Wednesday. We already got transfer info this morning. I'm staying in my same house. With my same comp!!! First time I've actually had anything at all solid in my mission!! (: (: 

And I got made District Leader. pretty sweet. No visa waiter has ever been made district leader in this mission. Pretty stoked. But kinda nervous. We'll see how it all goes. I have to call President at noon to talk to him about it. We'll see what he has to say! 

Love you all!

Elder Morgan

Monday, September 2, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated September 2, 2013

Wow. September already. Onion days this weekend. Birthdays like every single day. Crazy that I've already been gone this long. 

I'm loving it here. It's been tough to love at times. But I really do love it. I love seeing people change their lives every single day. And I love being part of that change. 

This week has been pretty good! We've had a lot of exciting things happen! 

So. Genaro. He's the old drunk mexican guy. Well. We had a lesson with him in his house. We planned to watch Joseph Smith the Prophet of The Restoration. But they didn't have a dvd player. So we went and borowed a tv from some tongans down the street. (I love tongans. It probably looked sketchy that we were carrying a tv down the street though) So anyways, we went to the house. Introduced the movie, and watched it. It's an hour and 20 minutes. After it was over, Genaro started yelling at us. He said that that whole movie was a bunch of lies. And that it wasn't true, cause it only talked about Joseph Smith. Not the Virgin Mary. And he also said it couldn't be true because god has never been in a video. 

Lesson learned. Drunk old mexican guys don't like movies. Check. Never doing that again. 

Later that day we saw them out walking, talked for a little while. Apologized, and we were all good. Somewhere along the line he thought we were there to fix his wife's citizenship papers. Yeah... not quite what we do. haha. Oh well. Everything's good now. And she's preparing to be baptized. He needs to quit drinking, but says he wants to get baptized too. 

Next story. 

Lady. That's her name. Lady. 

We were on exchanges and my companion was with some english elders. They went in this apartment complex called the seasons. As they were walking they saw a lady on her stairs crying. They started to talk to her. She had just moved from new york, And wasn't sure why she was here. She had gone outside to pray and ask god for help right when they showed up. They told her that they had been sent there by god. They didn't have plans to be there that night. But had some extra time and figured they would try their luck there, and they found her. 

The next day we had a lesson with her. We taught the restoration. Well most of it. She's super super receptive. And she accepted the baptismal invitation! She's getting baptized the 21st of september

When she picked that date she immediately asked what time it would be at. We told her it could be at any time. She then picked 10 am. Her member friend that lives with her then started planning all the food that they would have there! Pretty much it was a miracle find! I love when the lord shows us things like that!   

Thank you all for fasting for my visa! I appreciate that more than you know! 

Love you all!!

Elder Luke Morgan

Monday, August 26, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated August 26, 2013

Not a bad week over all! It was pretty good! We had a meeting up in bountiful for the trainers/trainees. I guess i'm kinda a trainer this transfer. It's pretty fun! 

But anyways the meeting. President Hansen gave a training. And in my mind, I compared almost everything he said to the air fuel ratio in a carburetor. (Dent would be so proud of me!)  

A few days ago I had a first on my mission. I met my first transsexual. Sketch. haha. We knocked on this door of a guy that we had taught before. And Omar opened the door. We couldn't figure out what gender he was. It was a little sketchy. ha ha. But funny! He wasn't really too open to the gospel... 

We had interviews with the president this week. That was exactly what i needed! He is so good at lifting you up and getting you going! 

Got in a fight with one of my companions. We didn't see eye to eye on a couple things. So it ended up in us yelling at each other on the side of my house. It was really kinda funny. But we kinda reached a compromise and we're good now. 

So now for the missionary stuff. There's this lady named sister Ibanez. She's a baptized member. But her husband isn't. He's catholic. So she's torn between the LDS church. And the catholic church. After coming by and teaching her a few times, reading with her family and getting to know them. She told us that she had talked to her husband, and she wasn't going to be able to come to our church. She was heartbroken. She had to choose between her husband and her church. So we told her that we weren't going to be able to come by as much. We stopped by just last night and she was eating some pizza with the whole family. We came in, ate some pizza, and watched a bible video with them. The video was he is risen. We then testified of Jesus Christ. Said a prayer, and left. It was super powerful!! 

We also have a 75 year old couple named Viate and Genaro. Viate is in a wheelchair, and Genaro is an old cowboy. And an alcoholic. She's on date to be baptized on the 7th of september. She's really excited. They showed up to church yesterday. We had to walk with them from their house. He walked in the chapel, knelt down, and crossed himself. I don't blame him, he doesn't know any better. But it was kinda funny! He also reeked of beer. They both really enjoyed church though! 
So I need help with him. He says he wants to quit drinking. How can I help him do that?? 

Also. My companions and I are going to be fasting for my visa this upcoming fast sunday. I would love it if you would help me out with that! 

I love ya all!

Elder Morgan

Monday, August 19, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated August 19, 2013


This week has been really good! 

Sunday we got a new branch President. His name is Bro. Olivas. He's super cool! And his son is like the most solid young man I've ever seen. It's pretty sweet! 

Friday we had a big family night as a branch. We had like a couple games that us missionaries put together. Including a three legged race! It was really pretty funny to watch! Then we had a bbq and played soccer and football. While we were playing football, I was still in my white shirt, tie and slacks. I got tackled a few times. But Every time, I was able to make it so my shirt stayed off the ground, and didn't get a single grass stain. I rock. 

The night before, our young men's president. Bro. Betancourt told us that we needed to come to the temple with them to do baptisms. We told him that we weren't allowed. He said I know, but you guys aren't gonna do the baptisms, we have two non-members who are going to be there and you guys need to teach them over on temple square. We were shocked. At that moment we realized that we have one of the most solid members in the world. If all members were like him, we wouldn't have a moment to rest during our days, and we would teach people like crazy! I'm really glad we have a resource like temple square here to use. It really helps people feel the spirit and come closer to christ.  

I've been thinking a lot about why i'm here in Salt Lake. And the answer is... I dunno. There's a lot of possibilities. There could be something big I need to learn here. I could learn something that I need to take to Argentina to start changing the mission there. I could need to participate in the temple ordinances of my cousin Cory who passed away last year. My visa could be held up because i'm in the military. I don't know. But the one thing I can trust is that the Lord does know. He knows why i'm here. He knows why I haven't gone with most of my group to Argentina yet. He knows what I'm going through here. I just need to trust in him. I need to lean on him for help and guidance.

I love you all. 

Elder Luke Morgan

Luke Said, "The other day I hit my 6 month mark. So I got to burn a tie! (They don't burn very well until you make a mixture of hand sanitizer, paint thinner and aftershave and soak the tie in it.)