Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Luke's letter dated September 16, 2013

Wow. This week has been crazy fast! It's been awesome though! 

First things first. On Wednesday we were riding past seven peaks. They've been doing some kinda work there, and have put up giant shipping containers along the side of the wave pool, and have put up a green screen on the containers, and on some scaffolding that was set up on the back of the pool. I was a really curious as to what was going on. So we asked a man in the parking lot what was going on. He said it was a movie set for the church. They were filming a scene in the Sea of Galilee when Christ calms the tempest. He asked us if we had a minute that he could show us around. We of course said yes!! 

He took us on the set showed us around, introduced us to a bunch of people and showed us how they were going to film it. They do all the filming from 7 in the evening to 7 in the morning so they can get the lighting right. It was a spectacular sight! We were then taken over to the catering truck. We got a really nice meal and got to talk to a bunch of people. We got to see the people playing Christ and all the apostles in the boat. It was really awesome! 

The video is going to go in the Rome visitors center. So they're filming it in Aramaic and Italian. That was so cool! They're done now. Today is their last day. But it was awesome to see that!  

We have had some awesome lessons with our investigator Lady. She's super solid. She always asks the best questions in lessons, and is so interested and wants to learn! She will be baptized this Saturday. She's so excited! I dunno who's more excited, her, or me! She's going to be an amazing member of the church! I know that for sure! 

Genaro and Viate have been a little hard to find at home this week. The one time we did she was sleeping and he was outside. We tried to have a lesson with him. But he didn't really wanna hear anything about it. One funny part, his friend (Who is a member) and he were talking about bullets and guns and stuff. They said something about a 7.62 mm round. Then genaro said oh these white boys don't even know what that is. I then told him, well actually... I'm in the military. I know all about that kinda stuff. He said "Oh, I guess you do." It was a little funny! He thought it was pretty good! 

Haven't heard anything on my visa. The word from Argentina is that they're supposed to get about 40 visa waiters mid-transfer. Hope I'm one of them. 

Just as a friendly reminder, My birthday is September 30th
on a related note, my address is :
1046 W 1700 S
SLC UT, 84104

(: (:

Love you all!  Hope you have a great week!! 
Elder Morgan

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