Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated September 2, 2013

Wow. September already. Onion days this weekend. Birthdays like every single day. Crazy that I've already been gone this long. 

I'm loving it here. It's been tough to love at times. But I really do love it. I love seeing people change their lives every single day. And I love being part of that change. 

This week has been pretty good! We've had a lot of exciting things happen! 

So. Genaro. He's the old drunk mexican guy. Well. We had a lesson with him in his house. We planned to watch Joseph Smith the Prophet of The Restoration. But they didn't have a dvd player. So we went and borowed a tv from some tongans down the street. (I love tongans. It probably looked sketchy that we were carrying a tv down the street though) So anyways, we went to the house. Introduced the movie, and watched it. It's an hour and 20 minutes. After it was over, Genaro started yelling at us. He said that that whole movie was a bunch of lies. And that it wasn't true, cause it only talked about Joseph Smith. Not the Virgin Mary. And he also said it couldn't be true because god has never been in a video. 

Lesson learned. Drunk old mexican guys don't like movies. Check. Never doing that again. 

Later that day we saw them out walking, talked for a little while. Apologized, and we were all good. Somewhere along the line he thought we were there to fix his wife's citizenship papers. Yeah... not quite what we do. haha. Oh well. Everything's good now. And she's preparing to be baptized. He needs to quit drinking, but says he wants to get baptized too. 

Next story. 

Lady. That's her name. Lady. 

We were on exchanges and my companion was with some english elders. They went in this apartment complex called the seasons. As they were walking they saw a lady on her stairs crying. They started to talk to her. She had just moved from new york, And wasn't sure why she was here. She had gone outside to pray and ask god for help right when they showed up. They told her that they had been sent there by god. They didn't have plans to be there that night. But had some extra time and figured they would try their luck there, and they found her. 

The next day we had a lesson with her. We taught the restoration. Well most of it. She's super super receptive. And she accepted the baptismal invitation! She's getting baptized the 21st of september

When she picked that date she immediately asked what time it would be at. We told her it could be at any time. She then picked 10 am. Her member friend that lives with her then started planning all the food that they would have there! Pretty much it was a miracle find! I love when the lord shows us things like that!   

Thank you all for fasting for my visa! I appreciate that more than you know! 

Love you all!!

Elder Luke Morgan

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