Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated September 9, 2013

Luke Wrote:

Just want you all to know. I, Elder Luke Young Morgan, am the first Visa Waiter District Leader in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. Do I rock?? Dang right I do.

So.. this week has been pretty interesting. 

Monday night we got a call saying that Elder Colton was going to be moved up to Farmington. So he moved up there Tuesday.  

President told me that I was the Senior comp/ trainer for Elder Shepard. We thought that was pretty sweet. 

Most of this week we've been doing service for people. Some projects are a lot bigger than we should have taken on. But we did it anyways.. haha. We had to fix a hole in a lady's ceiling. Still working on that one. haha. We had to help clean out this family's backyard. While we were there the lady told us that her husband was going to get served with divorce papers that day. We got outta there pretty quick. Didn't wanna be around for that whole deal. 

One of our investigators, Lady, is super super solid. One of her friends who is already a member told us well, I'm pretty sure you've already got her all convinced. She will like read ahead on reading assignments, ask super super solid questions. All sorts of stuff. It's pretty tight. I love it. 

Genaro is still struggling with alcohol. His wife, Viate, still wants to get baptized though. They've been having a hard time coming to church, so it's gonna be put off a couple weeks. She's pretty much an angel though. 

Transfers are this Wednesday. We already got transfer info this morning. I'm staying in my same house. With my same comp!!! First time I've actually had anything at all solid in my mission!! (: (: 

And I got made District Leader. pretty sweet. No visa waiter has ever been made district leader in this mission. Pretty stoked. But kinda nervous. We'll see how it all goes. I have to call President at noon to talk to him about it. We'll see what he has to say! 

Love you all!

Elder Morgan

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