Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated August 26, 2013

Not a bad week over all! It was pretty good! We had a meeting up in bountiful for the trainers/trainees. I guess i'm kinda a trainer this transfer. It's pretty fun! 

But anyways the meeting. President Hansen gave a training. And in my mind, I compared almost everything he said to the air fuel ratio in a carburetor. (Dent would be so proud of me!)  

A few days ago I had a first on my mission. I met my first transsexual. Sketch. haha. We knocked on this door of a guy that we had taught before. And Omar opened the door. We couldn't figure out what gender he was. It was a little sketchy. ha ha. But funny! He wasn't really too open to the gospel... 

We had interviews with the president this week. That was exactly what i needed! He is so good at lifting you up and getting you going! 

Got in a fight with one of my companions. We didn't see eye to eye on a couple things. So it ended up in us yelling at each other on the side of my house. It was really kinda funny. But we kinda reached a compromise and we're good now. 

So now for the missionary stuff. There's this lady named sister Ibanez. She's a baptized member. But her husband isn't. He's catholic. So she's torn between the LDS church. And the catholic church. After coming by and teaching her a few times, reading with her family and getting to know them. She told us that she had talked to her husband, and she wasn't going to be able to come to our church. She was heartbroken. She had to choose between her husband and her church. So we told her that we weren't going to be able to come by as much. We stopped by just last night and she was eating some pizza with the whole family. We came in, ate some pizza, and watched a bible video with them. The video was he is risen. We then testified of Jesus Christ. Said a prayer, and left. It was super powerful!! 

We also have a 75 year old couple named Viate and Genaro. Viate is in a wheelchair, and Genaro is an old cowboy. And an alcoholic. She's on date to be baptized on the 7th of september. She's really excited. They showed up to church yesterday. We had to walk with them from their house. He walked in the chapel, knelt down, and crossed himself. I don't blame him, he doesn't know any better. But it was kinda funny! He also reeked of beer. They both really enjoyed church though! 
So I need help with him. He says he wants to quit drinking. How can I help him do that?? 

Also. My companions and I are going to be fasting for my visa this upcoming fast sunday. I would love it if you would help me out with that! 

I love ya all!

Elder Morgan

Monday, August 19, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated August 19, 2013


This week has been really good! 

Sunday we got a new branch President. His name is Bro. Olivas. He's super cool! And his son is like the most solid young man I've ever seen. It's pretty sweet! 

Friday we had a big family night as a branch. We had like a couple games that us missionaries put together. Including a three legged race! It was really pretty funny to watch! Then we had a bbq and played soccer and football. While we were playing football, I was still in my white shirt, tie and slacks. I got tackled a few times. But Every time, I was able to make it so my shirt stayed off the ground, and didn't get a single grass stain. I rock. 

The night before, our young men's president. Bro. Betancourt told us that we needed to come to the temple with them to do baptisms. We told him that we weren't allowed. He said I know, but you guys aren't gonna do the baptisms, we have two non-members who are going to be there and you guys need to teach them over on temple square. We were shocked. At that moment we realized that we have one of the most solid members in the world. If all members were like him, we wouldn't have a moment to rest during our days, and we would teach people like crazy! I'm really glad we have a resource like temple square here to use. It really helps people feel the spirit and come closer to christ.  

I've been thinking a lot about why i'm here in Salt Lake. And the answer is... I dunno. There's a lot of possibilities. There could be something big I need to learn here. I could learn something that I need to take to Argentina to start changing the mission there. I could need to participate in the temple ordinances of my cousin Cory who passed away last year. My visa could be held up because i'm in the military. I don't know. But the one thing I can trust is that the Lord does know. He knows why i'm here. He knows why I haven't gone with most of my group to Argentina yet. He knows what I'm going through here. I just need to trust in him. I need to lean on him for help and guidance.

I love you all. 

Elder Luke Morgan

Luke Said, "The other day I hit my 6 month mark. So I got to burn a tie! (They don't burn very well until you make a mixture of hand sanitizer, paint thinner and aftershave and soak the tie in it.)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated August 12, 2013


So this area I'm in is pretty good! It's out west of salt lake. 

We saw the place where the Sandlot was filmed the other day! That was pretty cool! It's a little bit of a ghetto area. But It's all pretty good! 

I found that Aunt Willa's niece, Sister Harris is in this mission. We talked for a little bit a while ago. It was kinda cool to meet someone that I know! 

I got to go to the temple today. It's so nice to be able to just let all the cares go and feel the peace of the temple. I love it! 

I saw an accident over by seven peaks the other day. It was really kinda crazy. I guess some little girl got hit by a truck. It was so sad. That night we prayed for her and that family. 

So something really good about this area. Tongans. The most generous loving people on earth. They feed us every now and then. And there's always sooo much food!!! And they usually give us like a big bag of food and other stuff to take home too! 

The new missionary that we're training kinda makes me think about how my spanish was when I first came out. His... Isn't the best.... And I think I was about that point when I came out. So it's really cool to see how far I've come! 

I love you all! 

Elder Luke Morgan

Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter from Luke Dated 08/05/2013

So this week has been pretty much the week of new. On tuesday we found out that I was leaving the area. I was pretty bummed not gonna lie. I went and said goodbye to a couple people. Members and investigators. It was pretty sad. But it's all good! On Wednesday 

We went to the transfer meeting. Had a really good talk by the president, his wife. Then testimonies by the new missionaries! (Nap time!!!! haha) Went outside and found out that my new comp is Elder Colton. He's my trainers trainer. We were pretty stoked! 

We also got another visa waiter. A new guy named Elder Shepard. We're serving out in glendale. Pretty much between  I-15 and redwood road. We live right next to Seven Peaks. (I never even knew there was a  7 peaks in salt lake!) We are all new to this area. So we're just trying to meet everyone that we can! 

We have found a few new investigators. One of which we were riding home at like 9:05 and we passed this little mexican lady watering her lawn. We felt like we should stop and talk to her. So we did! We got talking to her about prophets, her family and a whole bunch of stuff. Pretty much a boss contact. It was sweet. She said that she was in her house watching her novela (Spanish soap opera that they watch religiously.) And she felt like she needed to come outside and water her lawn. And who should show up but the missionaries!! Good Stuff! 

We are working on having three baptisms this next weekend! Faith. That should make it happen. Love ya all! 

Elder Lukis Morgan