Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter from Luke Dated 08/05/2013

So this week has been pretty much the week of new. On tuesday we found out that I was leaving the area. I was pretty bummed not gonna lie. I went and said goodbye to a couple people. Members and investigators. It was pretty sad. But it's all good! On Wednesday 

We went to the transfer meeting. Had a really good talk by the president, his wife. Then testimonies by the new missionaries! (Nap time!!!! haha) Went outside and found out that my new comp is Elder Colton. He's my trainers trainer. We were pretty stoked! 

We also got another visa waiter. A new guy named Elder Shepard. We're serving out in glendale. Pretty much between  I-15 and redwood road. We live right next to Seven Peaks. (I never even knew there was a  7 peaks in salt lake!) We are all new to this area. So we're just trying to meet everyone that we can! 

We have found a few new investigators. One of which we were riding home at like 9:05 and we passed this little mexican lady watering her lawn. We felt like we should stop and talk to her. So we did! We got talking to her about prophets, her family and a whole bunch of stuff. Pretty much a boss contact. It was sweet. She said that she was in her house watching her novela (Spanish soap opera that they watch religiously.) And she felt like she needed to come outside and water her lawn. And who should show up but the missionaries!! Good Stuff! 

We are working on having three baptisms this next weekend! Faith. That should make it happen. Love ya all! 

Elder Lukis Morgan

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