Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Luke's Letter Dated November 24, 2014

Well, this week has gone by really really fast! We had a lot of really cool experiences! The biggest thing is that the family that lives right below us. (We kinda share the house with them. We just live in a little apartment on the third floor) But anyways the mom and one of the daughters are members. But we're gonna baptize the other daughter! We're teaching the son as well! But he needs a little bit more time to progress. But Melisa is super excited!! It's gonna be awesome! 

With thanksgiving coming up I would like to invitge you all to do something. Give Thanks! (It kinda comes with the name of the holiday) At some point during this week find a little bit of time to be alone and offer a prayer of gratitude. Thank your Heavenly Father for every blessing that you can think of, then listen. You will be inspired and guided to be thankful for blessings that you didn't even know you had! As you do this, god will be even more willing to bless you daily! 

I love you all! 
Have a great week! 
Eat a lot of turkey for me!!


Elder Morgan 

Luke's Letter Dated November 17, 2014

What a great week! 
We started out by being able to watch the priesthood session of conference that we all missed!! It's awesome to hear from the leaders of this church and feel the love they have for every one of us! 
Now that I'm in this new area I'm like 20 minutes away from the temple. So we try to go quite often! We went on wednesday and were able to take some of our investigators with us! They are having a hard time quitting smoking so going to the temple helps them out a ton!!
On Saturday we had to be up super early. We were up at 4 and out the door at 4:30.
We went to the bus stop and waited for about an hour for the bus.. It never came. So we had to go get a taxi to take us. We waited for about ten minuites and the car finally came. Well, we got on the road and about ten minuites later the car ran out of gas.... My comp and I were so irritated! haha. Well, another car came and towed us to the gas station. (Kinda sketchy on the freeway, but it's normal here.) Well, we finally got on the road again and ended up getting to the mission offices like ten minuites before we had to be there! 
When we got there, we got in buses and went to the north mission's office. There we got to listen to Elder Christofferson! I dunno if I just don't pay attention to things, but I had no idea before that he speaks perfect spanish! It was really awesome to hear him talk and crack jokes and just enjoy himself. At the end of the day, he's a normal person with quirks and everything that we all have! At the end he left a really powerfull blessing on all of us. I was impressed with the love that he has for every member of the church!
Anyways, that was my week!
I love you all!!!!!
Elder Morgan

Monday, November 10, 2014

Luke's Letter Dated November 10, 2014

So. Last week was transfers. People kept asking me where I thought I was going. I said jokingly "As the old man in the testements said, Take me to the land bountiful so that I may die near the temple of my god." The zone of Aldo Bonzi is where the temple is. And what do ya know! I got sent to Aldo Bonzi!!! 

My new companion is Elder Reynoso from California! He's such a stud!! He does like parcore. Like all the crazy flips and stuff like that. He's got about 3 months in the mission. He's just like super cool. We get along great!!! We are pretty close to the temple so we're gonna go on wednesday and take some investigators. 

I'm also a District leader here in Bonzi. It's pretty fun, I have two sisters and two elders in the district. The two sisters are from Utah. So that's pretty fun! 

Anyways. I'll be able to write more about the area and all that next week. I just don't have a whole ton of time today!!!

I love you all!!!

Elder Morgan 

Luke's Letter Dated November 3, 2014

Well this week in Argentina has been really really wet. We have had rain every day since tuesday. We go out in the rain just the same as any other day, so as you can imagine, we get really really wet. On one edge of our area we have a river. The water in this river is usually about 20 feet down from the banks. Well this morning the water was about 6 inches from the banks. I have pictures that I'll try to send. 
This morning we went to help some members, Marcelo and Marcela, get all their stuff out of their house before the river came up over the banks and flooded everything even worse. It was really humbling to see them have to pick and choose the things that they wanted to keep. It was really cool to see that their daughter packed up the pictures of her baptism and her scriptures very first thing even though she doesn't really go to church anymore. 

Last week we had the chance to sit down and talk with Marcelo and Marcela. They changed a whole lot before their baptism. Something that Marcelo said really kinda hit me. He used to like to drink a whole lot. Now he says that what he likes to do is eat ice cream. Then he told us why. He said, "I can go to the store and buy a couple Ice creams to share with my son. I couldn't do that with my beer. I was just being selfish. But now I realize that the best things in life are the things that I can share with my son." That is some really really wise counsel. I love seeing the gospel change the lives of all kinds of people! 

I love you all!! 

Elder Morgan