Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Luke's Letter Dated November 17, 2014

What a great week! 
We started out by being able to watch the priesthood session of conference that we all missed!! It's awesome to hear from the leaders of this church and feel the love they have for every one of us! 
Now that I'm in this new area I'm like 20 minutes away from the temple. So we try to go quite often! We went on wednesday and were able to take some of our investigators with us! They are having a hard time quitting smoking so going to the temple helps them out a ton!!
On Saturday we had to be up super early. We were up at 4 and out the door at 4:30.
We went to the bus stop and waited for about an hour for the bus.. It never came. So we had to go get a taxi to take us. We waited for about ten minuites and the car finally came. Well, we got on the road and about ten minuites later the car ran out of gas.... My comp and I were so irritated! haha. Well, another car came and towed us to the gas station. (Kinda sketchy on the freeway, but it's normal here.) Well, we finally got on the road again and ended up getting to the mission offices like ten minuites before we had to be there! 
When we got there, we got in buses and went to the north mission's office. There we got to listen to Elder Christofferson! I dunno if I just don't pay attention to things, but I had no idea before that he speaks perfect spanish! It was really awesome to hear him talk and crack jokes and just enjoy himself. At the end of the day, he's a normal person with quirks and everything that we all have! At the end he left a really powerfull blessing on all of us. I was impressed with the love that he has for every member of the church!
Anyways, that was my week!
I love you all!!!!!
Elder Morgan

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