Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter From Luke Dated September 30, 2013 (Luke's Birthday)


Finally here. It's nothing like I expected! This place is so much different than the states. I love it though! 
So I'll start from the beginning. Last week I said goodbyes to my district and everything back in salt lake. Sooo sad. I miss them already! 

I went to the SLC airport on wednesday morning. Got checked in and went on my way through security. (mine were the only bags that weren't overweight.) Met up with Sisters Walker, Bangerter, and Neilsen. They were all in my mtc district. 

We flew into Los Ángeles. I sat by Sisters walker and neilsen. It wasnt too bad! Kinda short. We had a little time in LA. So we made some phone calls. I wanted to call more people. But i figured i better give the time to the sisters. 

We then got back on a plane to fly all the way over to Atlanta. Longer flight this time. It was alright. I was able to sleep a little bit. I sat by the same two sisters. We just talked most of the time. Not too bad! 

We arrived in Atlanta a little late because of a water problem on the plane back in LA. So we ran across the airport to get to our next flight. There was a whole ton of missionaries there. Some visa waiters, some going to the mtc down here. We got on that one and got all situated. Sister Bangerter was sitting with us this time. We all got setteled in and sis bangerter said she had melatonen. (I know i didn't spell that right) so she gave me one. I slept most of the way there! 

It was soo nice! after 9 hours 45 min. We finally got to Argentina! It was soo nice to finally be here. After a pain in the butt process of getting through customs and immigration we finally got to our mission president. He greeted us and we were on our way. we went to the temple, took pictures, then went to the presidents house to eat some lunch, have interviews and be introduced into the mission. Soo good! 

(: We spent the majority of this day in the offices and everything just working on paperwork and all that! Kinda boring. But it's all good! 

We had oreo night. An experience I could spend a whole email on. Crazyness. I'll send pictures next week. 

On friday I got my new companion! Elder Barrenechea from Peru. He doesn't speak hardly any english. But we get along just fine! He's like 5 foot 4. Much shorter than me. It's a little funny to look at us! 

My area is the Marilo ward. The city of moreno.. I think. Or maybe the city or Marilo. Who knows! lol. It's a pretty humble area. Mostly dirt streets. The houses are generally small. I love it though! The people are so nice and loving! It rocks! I'm loving Argentina! And my mission!! (:

So. Mail I can get mail anytime, as much as you all can send. But as far as packages it's recommended that I only get 3-4 a year. Every package I get costs about 20-50 dollars to recieve on top of what you have paid to send it down here. Not too cheap. So they reccomend that I only get a few a year so I still have money to eat and stuff (:

The address for mail and packages is:

La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días
Elder Morgan
Misión  Buenos Aires Oeste
C.C. 92 
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hope to hear from all of you soon!!
Love you!! (:

Elder Morgan

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