Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luke's letter dated October 7, 2013


This week has flown by really quick! We've been working our little tails off! haha. 

We walk a ton here. We walk about 10 to 13 miles a day. Compared to my area back in utah, the area here is huge! 

Back in utah we didn't tract at all. Here we tract quite a bit! My companion and I get home at night pretty much dead... It's really cool though. I love it! 

So In my letter last week I wasn't able to be super specific about things cause i didn`t have too much time. But now I have a little bit more time. So, I'll start with the food. We eat a ton of pastas and meat. I haven't had any steak yet. But i'm looking forward to it! We have bread with like every meal. Bread for Argentines is like tortillas for mexicans. 

The weather is changing here. It's starting to get hot. It's gonna get really really hot. I'm gonna have two summers here! (: .... 

The language isn't too different from the mexican spanish that I learned in Utah. So I don't have too much trouble understanding people. 

The city that I am in is kinda big. in size. It's mostly residential. Mostly dirt streets. The houses are fairly small. It's really a pretty cool place! 

One interesting thing. They don't really have garbage truck service here. So people just burn their trash. There is trash fires like everywhere all the time. Anything in specific you wanna know?? I just like can't think of anything about here to say. haha.

We found a super awesome guy this week. Jose. We found him knocking doors. He opened the door, and after a little persuasion he let us in the house (:  He works construction. And sleeps. That's all he has time to do. The only day he has off is sunday (YESSS!!) He really seemed kinda depressed, lonely and down. But when we started sharing the message of the Restoration of the Gospel, he lit up. It was like a light came on in his eyes. We invited him to be baptized, he said "of course!" Soo cool. Seems like he's been super prepared. I'm so excited for him!

I hope you all have a good week! I love you all!! (:

Elder Morgan

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