Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated December 16, 2013


This week was full of little miricales! I made a resolve this week that I would follow every single prompting from the spirit. 

On Saturday we had a ton of stuff to do, and we had lunch with a family wayyy outside our area. On our way there my companion's bike went flat. So we had to get a little creative. (I'll send a picture) We fixed the tire while were at lunch and went on our way. Well, we got on our way, and this time it didn't go flat. It exploded. Sweet. So we started the walk back into our area. We had planned to go to a little town called Jauregui (Pronounced kinda like how-ree) But at this moment we didn't really have time to go there. I felt like we needed to go, so we did despite the fact that it didn't really make sense and we didn't have time. Well, after going there and knocking (Clapping) A bunch of doors we found an awesome guy who was super interested. Just goes to show that when you trust in the lord, everything works out.

Next week i won't have time to use the computer, so I wanna talk a little bit about Christmas.  

This Christmas I hope that you all can take some time, personally or in your family and offer a prayer of gratitude for what Jesus Christ has done for us. I hope that as you go about all the things that you have to do this season that you can remember the reason behind Christmas. 

If you have a few seconds you should find the mormon message named "The Spirit of Christmas." 

Always remember to keep the Christ in Christmas

I love you all, 

Merry Christmas!

Elder Morgan

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