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Monday, December 30, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated December 30, 2013

This week was pretty awesome! We started out with our Christmas P day. Including a trip to the temple! The new video was really awesome! I think it'll be even better in English! 

On Tuesday we went to the Cepeda Family for dinner. We got there about 7 and hung out till almost 10. They had soo much good food!! I honestly don't know what most of it was called, But it was good!! 

At midnight here in Argentina they start lighting fireworks. I'm pretty sure some of these people save up all year to buy fireworks for the 24 th. It was pretty impressive! It sounded like some kind of war zone for about 20 minutes straight. After that we decided that it was time to get some sleep. 

On Christmas we just kinda did normal missionary stuff until the afternoon. We went to the family cepeda again and ate lunch there at their house. After that we got Skype all set up and talked with our families. My companion talked first, then me. The Cepeda family was really excited to see people that speak English, and to see snow. lol. Good stuff. 

Saturday we had the opportunity to see 13 Baptisms. We had one and the other elders had 12. (Capos) We Baptized a lady named Blanca. She is 79 years old. 

My companion kinda forgot how to baptize someone and had her plug her nose with the wrong hand, so she didn't go all the way under. After the first time she said NO!!! That's enough!! hahah. The mission president talked her into giving it another shot. After my companion trying all sorts of weird stuff to baptize her, he finally got it right, and everything went off really good. 

The other guy who was baptizing couldn't get the prayer right. He kept saying Cristo Jesus instead of Jesucristo. The mission president said " Well, He said the saviors name, I'm sure Christ will understand." lol

Overall everything went great! It was humbling to see someone change their life even when they don't have a whole ton of life left to change.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!!

Elder Morgan

 The Cepeda Family

 And when I was little we used to make forts in the basement on Christmas eve. Well I'm not so little anymore, But I still do that (: The fort wasn't very impressive, just our four beds out in the main room of our house....

 We Baptized a lady named Blanca. She is 79 years old. 

Saturday we had the opportunity to see 13 Baptisms

Our Christmas Tree

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