Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letter 8-11 ish
Mom, I really really miss you I wish I could just call or text anytime.  counting down the days.  today is 49 and a wake up.  I talked with one of my friends named Michie who is in AIT for 12 N , same job as me.  He says it's pretty easy.  Just an hour of PT. then classes and operating equipment all day, and after dinner chow, you have the rest of the day off till 10pm.  I can't wait to see you,. Tahsha made me a book of pictures.  It's pretty dang cool  and Leah colored a picture for me that is hanging up in my locker.  So on family day I don't think we can go off post.  I can show you around the base, but that's about it.  And I hear there is a burger king somewhere on base.  So we can have some gourmet meals.  but on graduation day we should be able to go off post and everything . If you search facebook for Leonards studio you might be able to find some pics of me . Look for D company 3-10 and the dates I'm here.  So I think my  commander might be a Mormon.  I'm pretty sure he wears a CTR  ring.  Pretty cool. 
Letter 8-26
Hey mom, How's everything going? I'm sitting here in church and I got thinking .  You know how you said that our ward wasn't really a " singing" ward? well you should see my branch here.  It's bad.  We have about 50 young privates and about 15 other members.  Few of which can sing.  I hope you can come here to show people what singing sounds like.
Church is different here.  There's a lot of war stories,  sometimes the audience3 says "hoorah" but in the end, the spirit is the same here.  It's nice to have 2 hours away.  This is my only break in the week.  Besides the 2 hours or so before church that I sleep in the latrine.  lol
So I got some more info about family day and all that.  Family day the 26th, I have graduation practice in the morning till about 1100 Then I can hang out with you all till about 2100 ish.  We have to stay on post and I have to stay in ACU's Graduation day the 27th, we have graduation in the morning, then after we can hang out till the evening sometime.  We can go off post, but I have to stay in ACU's , can't drive, can't drink, and can't Then the 28th and the rest of the weekend I'm at AIT.  But they may give me the weekend off.  I know know yet but if you can I'd love to go to  church with you  the 30th at 12.  Let me know and pass all that on
love , Luke

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