Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

letter 8-15'
So things are going better now.  I was going to turn our machine gun in, the 6 from our platoon were spotless,  But the ones from the first and second platoons were filthy.  So we got to spend like 3 hours cleaning those weapons. While doing that Drill Sargeant Mondragon ( the female DS) said "Morgan are you in my platoon?" I said "Yes drill sargeant I am." She's like "wow, I've never seen you in my life.  Are you bull shittin me?" direct quote from his letter not my words  I said " No drill sargeant.  The DS Nicholson ( who has me on his s@@$# list) said "well you must be doing a damn good job then." to me!!! I did my happy dance on the inside.  just sayin.
I've been trying to write letters for the blog every now and then,  I don't really know what to say in them. 
I miss everyone.  I honestly got thinhking today that I miss my printers.  sad right?
So taday was super chill. we had post drills so we just broke down into groups and went out and worked.  This whole basic thing isn't too bad.  I've come home from days at the sign shop and been more drained tha I ever have here.  Sorry about the rips  Taps started so I had to get up really fast.  I have two favorite  cadences to sing 1. tiny bubble 2. killing the baby seals.  I laugh and smile every time we sing these.  it's awesome You should look them up.  I absolutely love singing cadences.
He is doing great , but, would love to hear from his friends.

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