Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey mom,
I didn't even know you were going back to Utah at all.  sounds like you had tons of fun reading your letter makes me wish I coulda been there. I really appreciate you helping me with my room.  When you come out to my graduation could you bring my camera.  Also, I'm going to have keynan and tahsha look for me a laptop.  Probably, I'm gonna need something to entertain me during AIT All my battle buddies are gonna be out drinking on the weekend and the army is looking for reasons to kick people out. So I'm no going to give them one.  People already don't take this seriously. Like right now, we're all sitting in a room, and all the Privates are impersonation the Drill Sgt's. Laughing and giggling.  Even a drill is in here and laughing.,  There is like no military bearing (?) in here. I mean it's funny and all, but it's not appropriate.  Oh well, I'm just keeping my mouth shut and sittin here. So I hope everything is going good back home.
Love Luke.
ps.  could you send me deodorant and gold bond powder and cough drops and stamps.

Hey mom,
Just got your letter . sounds like you're having a lot of fun with Leah!
Love the stamps! Thank you so much.  I dunno what I want for my birthday.  Maybe like some kinda gift card? I dunno.  It sucks you won't be here to go to church with me. I can go off the 28th and hang hout. 
Qualified BRM the other day.  Just got off FTX 2 ( field training exercise) I's a 2  day exercise .  It poured the whole time .  And I got put in as PG after two other people got fired.  Then I got fired,  nobody really know why.  Oh well, I didn't like it too much anyways.
a letter was sent out to dad with detailed graduation info.

Hey mom,
I'm doing pretty good here.  Everything is routine now.  Even when I don't do PT in the morning it feels weird.  I need to keep my PT up when I get home.  I hope Zane or Kolton or someone will work with me.  Talk to Zane on Facebook tell him I miss him and wish he was here and can't wait  to see him and everyone whin I get back.  I have a picture of me zane and Derick at graduation hanging in my wall locker I love it. 
I wish you could come to my barracks for one day and see what it's like. You would see the high quality living accommodations I have here.  NOT.  My barracks were built in about the 60's.  They're not the greatest.
So Ive learned that laundry has to be an ongoing steady thing.  I do a load like every other day .  And I have to fight for a washer.  We have to share 4 washers between 42 people.  The other platoons only have 2 washers for about 42 people. 
So I got to shoot an M$ with night vision and an IR Laser.  So pretty much it's completely dark outside and looking through the night vision you can see absolutely everything.  It's the coolest thing ever.
So we traded this dirtbag Private for a really annoying Private.  I dunno quite how I feel about it yet.  But, I really hated the dirtbag.  He didn't have respect for anyone, not his peers, not drill sgt's , not even our captian.  and he really didn't respect women,  That made me mad.  But the drill sgt's hated him too.  so they made his life hell.
So pretty much I have 1 more week of training.  Then one week in the field. Then graduation.  It's getting so close.  I saw another company start up the other day.  It was crazy to think I've come so far.
love you

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