Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Luke's Letter dated 03 Sept 2012

Hey Everyone, 

So today is Labor Day.  We've had it pretty easy.  We got to  to sleep in till 5:30.  Then went straight to chow.  Then we got to have just a little free time.  We cleaned the barracks, cleaned weapons, I read my scriptures, and took a nap on top of the washing machine.  We're safe from the D.S. when we're in the latrine.  

We had some good hard P.T. Afterward our D.S. told us to lay down on the floor in our rooms for 20 minutes.  It was crazy!  This kinda stuff never happens!

I'm getting really close to being done.  I only have some advanced rifle marksmanship, Urban OPS, combatives drill, ceremony competition, and a 4 day field training exercise left.  

It sounds like a lot, but it's gonna fly by.  I've only got 23 days left.  It's going by so fast!

I can't wait to see you all again. 


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