Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Friday, September 14, 2012

sept 8

Hey Mom
How's everything goin back home? I think I wanna come spend some time up there when I get back.  Even if it's for a few days.
So today is our combative test.  Pretty much we go into this shoot house like we're going to clear it.  The drill Sgt act like enemies and will attack you.  One got my battle buddy, so I cleared my sector of fire then jumped on the drill Sgt.  I choked the drill Sgt till they let go.  then threw them to the ground.  Then jumped on top of them and pinned them down till my battle buddy was able to detain them.  It was so much fun!!!!!
Before this my drill Sgt told us that he wanted us to be extremely violent.  He even told us he wanted us to "accidentally" break/bruise some drill sgts's ribs.
I'm learning alot here I learned that the dairy shakes in the MRE are actually just a very strong laxative.  I've also learned that everyone gets skittles in their MRE at least once.  Except ME.  I never get skittles.  I might get a phone call in the next few days.  It all depends if first Sgt. thought our barracks looked alright. 
One of my battle buddies was called in by our captain and command Sgt. major.  The red cross had called and told them that his wife had their baby, then he died just a few minutes later.  We all feel horrible about it.  He's  probably going home to Puerto Rico now.  He's keeping his head up though.
The mail is weird here. Sometimes we'll get it everyday.  Sometimes not for 2 weeks.  We're going on almost a week now.  It sucks!!!
So next week we have the night infiltration course.  It's this big mission that has a whole battalion working on it.  At one point they're going to shoot live .50 caliber rounds at us.  It's gonna be sweet.. We have to crawl through razor wire and all that stuff.  It'll be pretty cool.  But we won't get done till like 3 am.  We won't get any  sleep that night. After that we have a 3 day field training then we're done!
love ya
I've been sick for like 3 weeks with that same chest thing I always get.  But I don't wanna go to sick call.  so my medicine is a ton or oranges and cough drops.  It's just awesome.

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