Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated May 27, 2013

Last monday I was riding the Front Runner back up to Layton after going to the Salt Lake Temple. I heard from a guy on there that a guy from Elk Ridge named Cody Towse got killed in Afghanistan. I felt absolutely horrible. I wish I could do something to help his family. I knew his brother from school. And had met him a couple times. At this hard time in their lives It's really comforting to know the plan that god has for each one of us. 
We have been working a lot with our investigators, as well as finding new ones. One thing we've been focusing on is part member families, and less actives. One of the part member families we have has some trees in his backyard that we're gonna help take down. (Sounds like the past 4 years in Springville) So that will be a really good opportunity to get to know them better, and provide some really good service. I'm pretty stoked! 
One of our investigators, Susana, is going to Peru for a few weeks, and is going to get baptized as soon as she gets back. She's super excited, and I'm super excited for her!  This is gonna be so good for her! She's the one who we helped stop smoking after 42 years of the habit. She stopped in one week. Really pretty amazing! 
My companion is going home this transfer, and I just might be going to Argentina at the end of this transfer, so we're both trying our best to not get "Trunky" and keep focused. 

Love you all.
Elder Luke Morgan

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