Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Luke's Letter Dated January 12, 2015

Dear everyone,

How was your week? I hope everything went very well for you all! 
My week was great!! On saturday we got to go to the temple with the Sosa Family! Maxi sosa was baptized a while ago. His mom got baptized about a year ago. And now we're working with Gastòn and his girlfriend! They're an awesome family! I love them all! The temple was amazing. We got to talk about the blessings that God gives us as his children and the love that he has for us! 
This week was also kinda sad because I had to say the first of many goodbyes. The Cruz family (The family we live with) left to go to bolivia for a month or soon saturday. It's kinda weird not having the little boy (Titi or Michael) Come up to our apartment and talk with us! But I'm really grateful for them and all they do for us! 

As I am coming into the last 
​two weeks of my
 mission I really feel the desire to sprint to the finish. I remember in the army when we would do our two mile run for our physical test the satisfying feeling I got when I sprinted the last quarter mile or so and absolutely put all my strength into the final stretch.
​ I really want to feel that same feeling as I get to the end of my mission. I want to get onto that plane knowing that I did everything I could here.

​I love you all! I hope you all have a great week! Especially those of you who are on cruises this week! 

Elder Morgan ​