Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Luke's Letter Dated March 10, 2014

Well hello!

This week kinda flew by. Like crazy fast. The time is really flying. 

On Tuesday our branch president called us and told us that he wanted to go out and work with us. So that's what we did! He said he had a few families he wanted to go visit. I kinda thought that they would all be just member families and that kinda stuff. Boy was I wrong. he took us to the investigators that he has been working with! 

Our branch President is going out and doing missionary work on his own! If every single member was like him, we, as missionaries would just baptize all the time. Like  Elder Holland said, the only danger we would face would be from hypothermia from being in the baptismal font all day. 

It's really cool to be in a branch that has members that are really excited about getting the work done! 

I hope that all of you can work your hardest to do your missionary work! Wether you have a plaque or no, every single one of us has the responsibility to proclaim the gospel.

I love you all! 

Hope you have a good week!

Elder Morgan

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