Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter From Luke Dated May 5, 2014

This week went really well! 

To start the week we had a zone meeting Tuesday morning. The mission president came and pretty much told us all that we need to do better.  Then we had interviews with the President and a special training. That all went pretty good. I don't really like doing practices. But It still went pretty good. My interview with president went really well as well. He always does a good job of getting me excited for the work. 

The Zone leaders had the brilliant idea that we needed to do planning as a zone. Kinda rough. It was super hard to focus with the whole zone trying to plan in the same room. But it went alright. 

Over these three days we had to travel to Lujàn 3 times. Pretty much we spent a ton of money on busses. From here to Lujàn is like spanish fork to Lehi.

We have an investigator named Ricardo. I have known Ricardo since my first week in this area back in January. He is friends/ boyfriend of a member. We haven't really paid much attention to teaching him for a long time because we knew that he was with this member and couldn't get married for paperwork issues. Well anyways this week he called us and said I want to get baptized. We got talking to him and it turns out that he broke up with his girlfriend and is quitting smoking so he can be baptized. He came to church on sunday by himself. When I saw him I saw such a light in his eyes. It was amazing. He is changing his life like crazy. 

I never stop being amazed by the way that the gospel of Jesus Christ can change the lives of people.

I love this work!!
Love you all!!

Have a great week! 

Elder Morgan

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