Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Luke's Letter dated 04/29/2013

Hey everyone!

This week has been really fun! A lot of up's and downs, and a few miracles! I've been having a lot of fun! working really hard, and looking ahead to what is in store for me, both here and in Argentina.  I've wondered a lot why the lord needed me here in Salt Lake before I went to Argentina. And I believe that there are a lot of reasons. But through a lot of study, pondering, and prayer i've figured out at least one of the reasons. I'm here to prepare me to go to Argentina. I know that there's a ton of work to do in Argentina, so I need to be prepared to hit the ground running. I also know that there's people I need to meet here, and things I need to do here. I'm focusing on making sure not one moment of my mission is wasted.  

This week we had one really solid guy ready for baptism on saturday. We were planning on doing the interview on friday night so he would be ready for saturday. We called and texted him, but he didn't answer. We were really disappointed that he wasn't going to be able to take this step in his life this weekend. On Saturday we got a hold of him, and he explained that his dad didn't want him to get baptized yet, he wasn't against it, but just didn't want him to do it at this point in his life. So this guy is going to work with his dad to get all this done. While we were down and a little discouraged, we had a miracle happen. The lord sometimes waits till the last moment to give to you what you need, kind of like a trial of your faith. There's this family who wants to get baptized, but can't because they're not married yet. But they can't get married because they are in the process of getting citizenship papers. We found out this weekend that the last step in the process of getting their citizenship is getting married. So they're going to get married and baptized in the coming weeks. This was a true answer to our prayers! Just goes to show you that the lord has a plan for every one of his children.

I walked past a car show this week and I saw this Yellow Camaro. I get looking closer and this Camaro has black stripes. I look again, and it has black rims, a big tail, dark windows, and what looks like an autobot logo a little behind the front tires. I'm sitting here thinking to myself no way. there's no way that Dad and Susan are here. I go up closer to the car, and sure enough. 2013 Camaro T3 2SS. But I looked at the name of the owner in the car, and it was some guy from Hill Air Force Base. It was still cool to see buzz's twin though!

I hope everything is going good back at home. You're all in my thoughts and prayers! Thank you for everything you all do for me!

Love you!
Elder Luke Morgan

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