Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Luke's Letter Dated 01/20/2014

Hey everyone!
Got the call on tuesday night Saying i was getting transfered. I was super surprised because my companion has like 8 months in that area, I was sure he was gonna leave. I packed all my stuff and got to bed about 12:30. The next morning I went to the transfer meeting and we all just kinda chilled and had a good time until the meeting started. As they were showing all the changes my name came up with an elder named Elder Peralta. I was so excited! I stayed in my zone, just moved my district. My companion is super super awesome! He's from Cordoba, he has like 3 years in total in the mission, this is his last transfer. We're killing it! And having so much fun! I love it!
I got to see the baptism of one of my investigators this weekend. His name is Leo. He changed his life completely! He was of the religion "un banda" Like a devil worship religion. Super sketchy. But he has such a strong testimony and loves the church! Really cool to see the changes that the gospel can make in peoples lives.

I love you all!
Elder Morgan

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