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Monday, January 27, 2014

Luke's Letter Dated January 27, 2014

Well hello! 

it feels like it was just yesterday that i had p day. The days are flying like crazy. The other day I realized that i already have 4 months out of the us. That's crazy! This week I want to talk a little bit about faith. 

The other day we got a call from our branch president. He told us that there was an inactive lady who called him and asked for a blessing. When we went to the house and got talking to the lady it turns out that it was her husband who needed the blessing. On christmas eve he had a heart attack, then he had another one on new years eve. On the way to the hospital for the second one he had a stroke. Somehow that left him with very little brain activity in one side of his brain. He was confined to his bed, couldn't move most of his body and could only speak very very faintly. This family was baptized like 40 years ago. They had been married in the temple and everything. They had been inactive for about 25 years. It was really impressive to me that in this difficult moment in their lives, they still held on to the faith they have. They asked, almost begged for a priesthood blessing. I was really humbled by the faith that this couple has. 

I hope that all of us can have the same kind of faith in our lives, in the priesthood and in Jesus Christ.
I love you all!!
Elder Morgan

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