Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Luke's Letter Dated July 7, 2014

This week was pretty fun, we started out with a zone meeting. But after the zone meeting we filmed a video to present the Zone to the new president. In my part of the video I jumped out of a tree with another elder. It was pretty sweet, but I hurt my ankle a little bit, so I couldn't walk right the rest of the day. But oh well! Later that day I got an awesome pair of new shoes for free!! Gotta love being the only elder with a foot so big!! 

On Thursday we had a family night with a less active family. We made tacos and watched a few videos. But that night I felt sicker than a dog... So I slept in a little bit the next day. That morning when we went out to work I wasn't feeling very good and after a door contact I told my companion that I needed to go to the chapel or the house or something. We started walking in that direction and I felt everything I had eaten coming back up.. Not good. So Pretty much I threw up on the side of the street with a bunch of people watching me. That was a new one for me! haha. 

On saturday Argentina played another game of soccer in the world cup so we had to be inside our house like all afternoon. Siesta!!! Then that evening we had a baptism! We baptized Blanca an 81 year old lady. I baptized another 81 year old lady back in december who was also named Blanca! Pretty cool! 

Anyways, that's my week! Love you all!!

Elder Morgan
 The tree I jumped out of!
How we celebrate the Baptism.  Ice Cream!

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