Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Letter Dated March 1, 2013

Luke Wrote,

So i'm almost done with week 3! It's been pretty good! I have been learning a lot, having a lot of fun, and had a few cool experiences!  

On sunday we had a fireside, the director of the missionary department of the church came. It was pretty sweet! He spoke a lot on working hard, and staying faithful. After the Sunday firesides we get to watch a movie. This week was the testaments. Truly an awesome movie. I didn't cry. Not never. That just doesn't happen. 

Monday we got two new investigators. Noemi and Ignacio (nacho). Who are really our teachers. I'm pretty sure they suffer from multiple personality disorder. 

Tuesday we just had class and stuff, then in the evening I went to choir practice so i could get a good seat for the devotional. During practice a bunch of security people went and cleared the whole building for  bombs and stuff. So we were pretty sure whoever it was would be a big deal. (My companion said it was gonna be Jesus.) 

But the room filled up, people started to begin sitting on the stand, then all at once, every person in the whole room stood up. I look over at the doors and M. Russell Ballard is walking in. Pretty sweet! We sung consider the lillies. It was pretty cool. 

Elder Ballard spoke a lot on missionary work, the influx of missionaries, and the power and authority that we have as missionaries. He said that he wishes he could show us the power and glory of Jesus Christ. It was a really impressive talk. 

Wednesday was fairly uneventful. Besides the fact that I got to see the one and only Chase Wilson! It was pretty cool. We saw eachother. Then everything started going in slow motion, dramatic music started playing, and we ran towards each other. Or maybe i just ran into him in the lunch room. That would be true too. 

So, we get kinda bored in the residences at night. Last night we played an epic game of nerf gun hide and go seek/ capture the flag/ tag. It was awesome. My knees are now all skinned up. It's bad.

So today i get to go to the temple. I love going there!

My district is pretty fun! We have 6 Elders, and 6 Hermanas. we have a lot of fun! We're like a tight little family. And we even focus and learn every now and then.

So chances are I will get reassigned. I'll just be sent to a mission in the states for a little while. Hopefully Huston Texas! Whatever mission Tanner is in!

So I hope everyone has a good week, I really wanna hear from you all!

Elder Morgan

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