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Friday, March 8, 2013

Letter Dated March 8, 2013


So this week has been pretty good! we got to go to two really good devotionals plus a good mission confrence!  The tuesday devotional was my favorite, it was Elder Aidukaitis of the seventy. He was very animated and funny! He focused on the kingdoms of glory and the fact that we can choose what kingdom we go to. If we make a decision as to which kingdom we want to go to, our actions will reflect that choice. Pretty cool the way he worded it. The rest of the week was pretty good! we said goodbye to one of our favorite districts, which was kinda hard, but in two weeks, we'll be the ones going away. But the rest of the week we just had normal classes, we're learning a lot more about the conversion process and what it takes to convert someone. Also we're working on our teaching skills which are improving. A lot! My spanish is coming along pretty good! I know so much more than when i first got here! its pretty cool! So i'm sending a couple of pictures, hopefully they work. One is an elder who is in the army as well, we hit it off immediately! The other is an elder from Springville. Elder Britt, he's the funniest guy i've ever met! And the one of a spoon is a game we play, where we try to sneak spoons into peoples pockets, bags, and clothes without them knowing! it's way fun! And i'm going to try to send of a video of our zone singing god be with you till we meet again in spanish. "para siempre dios este con vos" I think that a lot of times songs and scriptures in spanish are ten times more beautiful than in english. Keep sending me letters! I love hearing from everyone! Oh and Hermana Romero says hi. I know you don't know her, but she told me to say it. 

Love,     Elder Morgan

Send this to anyone i may have missed, which is a lot of people!

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