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Friday, March 22, 2013

Letter from Luke Dated March 22, 2013

Hola Familia! 

Como estan ustedes? Esta es mi ultima semana en el CCM! Voy al mision la proxima semana!

Okay. I'm done typing in the spanish. So this last week in the MTC has been pretty good! For the most part it has been the same as the other weeks. Just a few things that made this week awesome! So on Tuesday we got to teach in the TRC. (Teaching Resource Center) This is a place where we get to go teach members, and our whole purpose in the TRC is to bring others closer to Christ. So this tuesday my companion and I got to teach this awesome sister, she lives in Provo, but is originally from Peru. She speaks very very little English, she is very active in the church. She was baptized when she was in her twenties and since then has converted her husband, who just got done serving as bishop, and she's raised 7 kids in the gospel and most all of them have stayed very active! As we were with her, we didn't do much teaching. She was the one who taught us! She bore her beautiful testimony of the Book of Mormon and shared with us a few personal experiences. It was an awesome experience.

So on Sunday during choir practice the director, Bro. Eggett, said that we needed to show up early for Tuesday practice if we wanted to guarantee ourselves a seat. He said that Tuesday would be a "Special Night." So we all thought it was going to be Pres. Monson, or Pres. Uchtdorf or someone like that. So tuesday rolls around, and we show up for choir practice an hour and a half early. We still had a huge line to wait in. After we finally got in we got sat down and just hung out for a little while, and looked over the music. The song we were singing is called "Like ten thousand leigons marching." They had a special arrangement made just for Bro. Eggett and for this night. We were all super crazy excited. So as it got closer to time to start, Bro. Eggett got there, and we started singing a little bit. Then he stopped us in the middle of a part of the song and said " Okay. I can't hold it from you anymore. You guys know the little show between sessions of conference where they show like some special place in the church? Well this time, that special place is the MTC. And they have asked us to perform this song tonight so they can get footage for this show." So during the whole practice we had cameras right in our faces. You should all watch the show though. I was sitting in like the third row over in the section on the right of the conductor right on the aisle. So that was pretty sweet!

On tuesday we also got a letter from church headquarters that says we can now email anyone, not just family. And we will have more time for email. So share my email with like everyone. And put it out on my facebook too!

So. The most important event of this week. Yesterday we were stuck in a class from 8 to 6. But my district all snuck out of this class at the same time, so we could go find out where we are getting reassigned to. (all of us don't have our visas yet.) So two hermanas are going to St George! One elder is going to Boise Idaho! One Elder is going to Ogden! One hermana is going to Provo! (she's not extremely excited) Then there's me. I'm going, with three other Elders and 3 other hermanas, to....... SALT LAKE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be there as long as it takes to get my visa, so it could be 3 weeks, it could be 6 months. We'll just have to see. I'm excited, but nervous. I'm hoping i'll be able to go to conference at least one session, but we'll see if i'm able to.

So I just want to share with you my testimony of the Book of Mormon. So before I came here, I never really read it too much, and when i did, I never actually studied its words. But as I've had time to really study this book, I have learned to love it. Joseph Smith said "any man will come closer to god by abiding by [the book of mormon's] precepts than by any other book." I can testify that is true. I have come so much closer with God, learned so much, and strengthened my testimony so much through this book! If you look for it, the answers to absolutely any problem you could have are contained in this book. Elder Bednar gave a suggestion that whenever we have a problem, we go buy an inexpensive, paperback copy of the Book of Mormon, Label it on the cover what our problem is, then read, from the title page to the end of Moroni, and highlight every passage that has anything to do with that problem. Then, go back and read everything we have marked and make a summary of it. This will be the solution to our problem. And by the time we get to be old we will have four or five hundred copies of the book of Mormon, and four or five hundred answers to our problems. I add to his words and say that the answers to every problem we could have is in this Book. And if we study all these words, with the spirit, our lives will be forever bettered. I say these things, in the name of my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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