Luke is serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Luke's Letter Dated 07-23-2013

Hey everyone!
Sorry i wasn't able to write yesterday. I had to go with the Zone Leaders to help them out for the day. I'm still with them. I'll probably go back to my normal home tonight sometime. 

So Elder Hazlett left last wednesday. He was the only missionary that got his visa at that time. Other than that, this past week has been mostly normal. 

We have been working really hard! On sunday I had to go to church with an english elder so he could go to all his wards. We went to the stake center behind the conference center. ( That's a long ride from our house!) While we were there we got a text from the other english elders saying Elder Oaks was at another church. So after sacrament meeting we hauled butt down to the other chapel. 

We were on state street and about 200 south, I was looking back to tell Elder Maldonodo to hurry up. When Elder Putra stopped right in front of me. He yelled "Stop, Stop, Stop!" But I looked forward and it was just a little too late.  I tried to stop and avoid him, but I hit him just enough to throw me off balance, make me fall, roll along the ground for a moment, then proceed to jump up and say "I'm okay!" I guess it all looked pretty cool! But I ripped my suit pants and one of my white shirts! I wasn't too happy about that! But I got back on the bike and went along my way to the other church. 

We got there just as sacrament meeting was ending. We went toSunday school, and at the door he greeted everyone. And said It's nice to meet an elder from (Wherever they were from) Then with me he said " It's nice to meet a visa waiter from utah." haha. Even Elder Oaks Calls me a visa waiter, not an elder. haha. It was knida funny! 

We went outside and took a picture with him. Then we all went on our way! It was super cool though! 

Hope you all had a good week! Love you!!

Elder Luke Morgan

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